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Cisco Jabber - Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting tips for Cisco Jabber

Start Here - General Troubleshooting

Close Cisco Jabber completely and re-open it. If the app is not responding or it won't close, then try force quitting the app (or you may just need to restart your device):

Sign out of Jabber then sign back in again. 

Reset Jabber and sign back in again (*Note: This will clear chat and call history) 

Restart your device. 

Uninstall and reinstall Cisco Jabber. Information about how to install Cisco Jabber can be found at: Cisco Jabber - How to Use Jabber to Extend Your Office Phone.

Check for updates on your device, especially if you have any pending and/or important updates to install.

Username/password is Invalid or Incorrect

Ensure your credentials are correct and you are able to log into your other UWL accounts. Ensure you are logging into Jabber correctly See also: Cisco Jabber - How to Use Jabber to Extend Your Office Phone

  • Unable to access your other UWL accounts with your login credentials too? Recover your "expired or forgotten" password instead at the password reset page: Password Reset Help.
  • Are you a new employee and have never logged into Jabber before but you have an office extension/phone number? Your Jabber account may be configured yet or it may be a configuration issue overall, please contact the Eagle Help Desk for further assistance. 
    • Don't have an extension or campus phone number yet? Contact your ADA (Academic Department Associate) or Department Head to have them submit a request to have an extension number assigned to you.  

Unable to Call Out from Jabber and are Receiving Phone Calls

Ensure you are following the same process for dialing out from campus phones: VoIP - Placing a call

Audio or Video Issues (Cannot hear or be heard/be seen)

Verify audio and video settings within both the Jabber app and your computer settings are properly set up and/or selected for your microphone, speakers and web camera: Webcam and Microphone Troubleshooting Tips.

Off Campus (Calling/receiving issues or phone calls dropping)

This is often due to internet connection issues. Ensure your internet is working properly How to Manage Slower Internet and Low Bandwidth

On Campus (Calls dropping audio after a minute)

This happens when you are connected to the VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) while connected to UWL-Eagle or a wired network connection.

Need more help?

Contact the Eagle Help Desk.

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