Tableau - Using UW-La Crosse's Tableau Server

This article explains how to navigate UW-La Crosse's Tableau Server to find workbooks and dashboards.

Signing Into Tableau Server

Once a user has requested access to Tableau Server (see this article), they can sign into Tableau Server by following these steps:

1. Navigate to
2. Select UW-La Crosse from the UW System Authentication portal.
3. Enter Net ID Email and password and click "Sign In".
4. DUO 2FA will be required in order to log in to Tableau Server.
5. Select "UW-La Crosse" from the list once logged into the server.

Navigating the Server

Users will have access to projects (folders) in Tableau Server based on their access roles. Navigating to the "Explore" option on the sidebar will allow a user to see their folders:

Tableau Main Screen

Workbooks that are in operational usage will all be located in the subfolders of the "Production" folder. Staging and Templates are used for workbooks that are in process.

Finding a Workbook

Tableau Server offers features to make it easier to find workbooks than having to navigate to their location in the folder structure. These include the Quick Search and Favorites.

Quick Search

In order to use the Quick Search feature, simply begin typing search terms into the search bar at the top of the screen:

Tableau Quick Search

Matching results will show as you type. Click "See All" to see all of the results relevant to your search terms.


The Favorites page allows the user to star frequently used workbooks and folders for easier retrieval. To create a favorite, simply click the star next to an item on the Explore page. Once this has been done, they will appear on a user's Favorites page:

Tableau Favorites

This article was adapted from UW-Madison's "Using UW-Madison's Tableau Server" found here:

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