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Collaborate Ultra - Recording storage update

New media management process governing how long Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings are kept on Blackboard servers. UW System put this process into effect on 12/01/2020, and is necessitated by dramatic increases in the volume of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings and strict vendor limits on the amount of storage allocated for these recordings.

What you need to know:

  • Collaborate Ultra Recordings (with allow public access on) will copy over to Kaltura (My Media) nightly. 
    • If you do not want recordings copied to Kaltura, toggle the "allow public access" off. (You can also remove copied videos from Kaltura My Media by changing yourself to the owner and deleting).

  • All original CU recordings will be deleted from Collaborate Ultra servers after 45 days. 
    • If a recording was deleted and no copy is available in Kaltura, then Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can restore the recording for 30 days after it has been deleted by creating a help desk ticket with them
    • The restored recording should be moved to a permanent storage location quickly since it will be deleted again with the nightly process.

  • All users that have a teacher role in the course these recordings are created in, will be added as owners to the Kaltura Group created for that specific course. Managing videos KB. You may see videos in your My Media that belong to other instructors because of this group. 

  • If you want students to have access to these CU recordings (longer than 45 days), you can add the copied videos from My Media to your course Media Gallery (add through Settings>Navigation).  

Additional notes: 

  • You can also choose to download and store the Collaborate Ultra recording videos on your own device. It is not recommended that you add these videos to the Files area of a Canvas course or you will run out of file storage in your course.  

  • The chat feature is not included in the copied recordings.

  • If  you don't want other instructors to have owner access to your media, but they need access to your Canvas course, a suggestion would be to add them using a different role, such as TA. This knowledgebase (KB) article has all the roles available for UWL and what access they have to courses. 
Fall 2020 and before: 
  • Recordings made through Collaborate Ultra in Canvas, during Fall 2020 (between 08/01/2020 and 12/6/2020) and set to allow public access (the default setting) were automatically copied to Kaltura (My Media).

  • All original CU recordings will be deleted from Collaborate Ultra servers on 01/04/2021 or after 45 days, whichever is later. 

  • Fall 2020 courses will have access to recordings in Collaborate Ultra until the end of the term. 

  • Video recordings created between 8/1/2019 through 8/1/2020  
    • If "allow public access" was checked on these video recordings, then these videos were automatically copied to a course group accessed via your Kaltura My Media and deleted from Collaborate Ultra Recordings. 
    • If "allow public access" was not checked on these video recordings, then these videos will be deleted as of 1/4/2021. To retain these video recordings and have them automatically imported daily to Kaltura My Media, check "allow public access" before 12/31/2020; these videos will be added to a course group accessed via your Kaltura MyMedia. 

Other options to host/record sessions:

This KB will be updated with more specifics in regards to sharing and managing this update. 

If you would like to read more specifics about this check out this UWS KB: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings)- Media Management Process (12/1/2020)

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