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This article provides an overview of the approval stages in the Recruitment process, prior to the posting of an open position. It will also describe how you can monitor the transition of the recruitment from stage to stage - as well as provide you information on how to add the posting to your watch list.

In this article:

  • Stages of the Recruitment Approval Process
  • Checking the status of your recruitment through the approval process
  • Adding your recruitment to your PeopleAdmin Watchlist

Stages of the Recruitment Approval Process

As a supervisor, department chair, or search committee/panel chair, you may receive emails automatically generated from the PeopleAdmin system providing you an update on the status of your Recruitment.  At UW-La Crosse, each recruitment may go through as many as eight approvals prior to being posted.  Below is a brief description of each stage:

Level 1 Approval
This is your review, approval, and submission for consideration of your requisition.  While you may have received a verbal authorization or an email from Administration & Finance clearing you to conduct a search, per UWL policy and for retention purposes, the PeopleAdmin System official records these approvals. 

Level 2 Approval
Level 2 is typically a Dean or Director but could be a Vice Chancellor.  This level of approval is ensuring the unit/department supervisor is aware and approves of the recruitment that has been requisitioned. 

HR Initial Review
In this step, several things are happening.  If you did not have your position reviewed prior to the search, HR will review the qualifications to ensure the classification and title are correct.  HR will also be reviewing the position description, posting, and other documents to ensure they meet the standards to conduct a legal, fair, and equitable search. 

Budget & Finance
The Budget Office authorizes a target salary offer for every position.  If your position was not reviewed prior to the search, it is at this stage the Budget Office is reviewing the salary minimums for the position, comparing the position to our peer UW institutions, and also making sure we are targeting as close as we can to 92% of the median of our peer group in the College and University Professionals Association of Human Resources, (CUPA) compensation survey.  The Budget Office will set a target offer amount, which cannot be exceeded during your negotiations with the finalist, attach the historic budget information, and budget funding.  This information is used by HR when entering the position/employee into the Human Resource Information system, (HRS).

Affirmative Action Officer Approval
In this step, the AAO is ensuring the position meets the standards of our anti-discrimination policies and ensuring the position description, search committee, and search materials do not create an adverse or disparate impact on candidates. 

Level 3
If your position has an actual, annual salary of $50,000 or more, then it will require approval by the hiring authority, (the Vice-Chancellor for your division). 

HR Final Review
Once the recruitment has reached this stage, HR is reviewing to make sure that all the stages and approvals have been met and will proceed to post the position to the UW-La Crosse Applicant portal and any other location that had been identified by the hiring supervisor, Search Committee, or Panel.

In this stage, your position is available to the candidates to apply

Checking the Status of your Recruitment

To check the status of your recruitment, follow these steps:

  1. Log into PeopleAdmin
  2. From your dashboard, click on "Recruitments"
  3. Select whether the search is Staff/Administrative or Faculty/Instructional
  4. From the landing page of your Recruitment type, you will see the searches to which you have access.  At the top row, in the shaded area, you will notice a "Workflow State".  
  5. The Workflow State will tell you at which stage of the approval process the search is at.  

Adding your Recruitment to your "Watch List"

Adding positions to your watch list in PeopleAdmin allows you quick access to information regarding your recruitment; such as what "Workflow State" your position is at, and provides you a quick link to the Recruitment dashboard, where you can access the applicant list.

  1. Log into PeopleAdmin
  2. From your dashboard, click on "Recruitments"
  3. Select whether the search is Staff/Administrative or Faculty/Instructional
  4. From the Search Dashboard, find the recruitment you wish to add to your watch list and click on the "Actions" label in the far-right column of your recruitment and select "Watch".

  5. Click the "Home" button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  6. Once on your Home dashboard screen, you can scroll towards the bottom of your screen and see the Watch List:

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