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Administrative Rights - Admin by Request

This article will detail the new software solution for Administrative Rights on Windows and macOS devices.

UWL ITS under guidance from UW-System has begun to roll out a new software solution that will control Administrative Rights. This software allows the user the ability to have administrative rights when needed but not permanently as that would allow malware and other nefarious software to install unknowingly. The solution is called Admin by Request. 

If installed on the computer, it can be found in multiple locations. 

Windows (PC) - A black and orange icon on the desktop, a green circle in the taskbar next to the clock, and finally in the program list of the start menu. 

macOS (Apple) - A green circle with a white checkmark in the dock, Launchpad, and Application folder. An icon will also be in the notification bar along the top. 


When you go to install or remove new or existing software or make certain changes, you will be presented with a dialog box asking for username and password. If you enter in your existing password, you will get an error message saying The requested operation requires elevation. This scenario is where Admin by Request comes in. 


If you are using a PC and just installing one application, you can simply right-click on the installer and select Run As Administrator. You will see a new box pop up with your name and phone number pre-populated and a third box asking for the reason. Put in the reason and select OK. The software will then install as if you were an Administrator. If you are prompted for credentials enter your NetID and password.


If you are using a PC and plan to install multiple programs or make multiple changes, you can request an Administrator session. This also is the option for installing software on macOS (Apple). This will allow you 1 hour (60 minutes) as an Administrator. You can do this by double-clicking the desktop icon or the icon in the taskbar/dock. Similar to above, a box will pop up stating you want to start an administrator session and asking for a reason. Put in the reason and a timer will appear in the lower right-hand corner letting you know how much time is remaining. If you are prompted for credentials enter your NetID and password. 


During this administrator session, the software will log any programs added or removed from your computer during that time. When you are finished you may click Finish. If the timer expires and software is still installing, the software will maintain Administrator rights until it completes. 

NOTE: On macOS, certain settings or commands require additional administrative rights. If you have found that you are unable to functions related to your work on the device, please contact your dedicated support representative to obtain additional rights:

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