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UWL Retirees and Emeriti Email – Eagle Email Addresses

Transitioning from to UWL recommends bookmarking, saving, or printing this information.

When an employee meets with HR to discuss retirement, they are informed their UWL e-mail [] will cease upon the declared date of retirement.

  • E-mail from the address is not forwarded and no auto replies are active after the retirement date. All applicable emails and contacts should be saved prior to the last day of employment.

Step 1

HR – On the exit checklist there is a link provided which directs users how to request an Eagle email account via a Qualtrics survey. The survey includes information about open records and appropriate use as shown below:

The e-mail request survey contains the following information:

  • Eagle accounts are University email accounts and have to be used in accordance with the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy which can be viewed at
  • University email accounts, including Eagle accounts, are considered public records. Any data stored in an Eagle account can be made available to 3rd parties as part of a Freedom of Information Act request ( 
  • You should not use this e-mail account for consulting purposes, or for-profit purposes. Not only is this against University appropriate use policies, but it also puts your private business information at risk to be shared publicly.
  • As with any e-mail account, be careful of potential phishing, spamming and ransomware attacks. Always back up your data to a secure storage area.
  • Be sure to keep track of your passwords, ensure they are strong, and change them frequently.  Resetting your passwords cannot be accomplished by UWL ITS. Resetting or recovering your passwords must be accomplished through Google. Be sure to have alternate e-mail and phone contacts listed in your account.

Step 2

ITS – When someone requests a retiree or emeriti (@eagle) account a ticket is auto created when the Qualtrics survey is completed.  The request goes to UWL’s System Admins who create the account.

  • The eagle@ email will be listed on the UWL directory for retirees/emeriti if an account has been requested.
  • Individuals with the email are included in the UWL retiree distribution list and will receive periodic emails from the university regarding items of general interest such as UWL news and newsletters. In addition, the Chancellor’s Office includes the retiree list in its messaging regarding campus community correspondence.  

Step 3

The employee - Informing others of your new email address.  UWL strongly recommends the following: 

  • Send an email to everyone in your contact list indicating the new email address and when the old one will no longer be in use.
  • Create an auto-reply that has the new information in it and make it active as soon as possible. The auto-reply will cease when the email ceases.
  • Inform your department chair and ADA of your new email address and any preferences regarding its use. 

The employee – Archiving your current email 

  • Forward (to the new email address or another email account) or download emails you wish to keep from your former UW e-mail account. You will no longer have access after your declared retirement date.
  • You can place an auto-forward on your email, but it will be discontinued on your last day of employment.

Note:  If an extraordinary circumstance associated with faculty scholarly activity requires an extended use of the email, please speak to your Dean who may be able to work with HR to extend access for a short amount of time. 

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