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HR employee resources - Student Employee Action Form Submission in BP Logix

This document provides instructions on how submitters of a Student Employee Action Form (SEAF) log into and process a Student Employee Action Form in the BP Logix form submission environment.

How to create a new SEAF

Navigate to the BPLogix Homepage


Select “Request Student Help Employment (SEAF)”

Select “Type of Action” and click “Submit”

Enter all required fields (fields marked with a red line)

Click “Submit”

The submitter will then receive an email (example below) from BPLogix confirming the Office of Human Resources has received your request


If a wage exception is needed (pay is above $14/hour), the submitter will receive an email (example below) from BPLogix confirming their request is under review by Human Resources and the Budget Office. If additional information is required of the submitter for the wage exception, HR and/or the Budget Office will reach out to the submitter directly. /images/group264/shared/UWLHRHelpImages/SEAF3.png

Once the wage exception has been approved (or if no wage exception is needed), the form will be sent to the Human Resources queue. Human Resources will determine if a Criminal Background Check and/or I9 is required. If both are required, the Submitter and Student Employee will receive the emails below:


The student employees will receive the emails below indicating what tasks are required of them. Please note- If a Criminal Background Check and/or I9 is NOT required, they will NOT receive an email to complete either the Criminal Background Check and/or the I9. If neither a CBC nor I9 is required, they will just need to complete the “Student Data” section (link will be emailed to them in the “[ACTION NEEDED]- Onboarding for your Student Employment Job” email).

FYI- Once the link in the email below has been clicked, the student will have five days to complete the “Student Data” section. Please note- the Student Data section is only required when the action “hire” or “re-hire” is being used.

If the “Student Data” portion is not completed after the five-day window, the SEAF will be automatically terminated. The Submitter will receive an email that the SEAF has been terminated, and a link will be provided in this email to easily re-send the SEAF through the approval process again. 






How to Edit or Cancel a SEAF Request

Navigate to the BPLogix Homepage

Find the SEAF you would like to edit, and click the “View” icon under the “Actions” column


Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click “Restart”

Update any fields that need to be changed and click “Submit”. HR will then receive a notification that a change has been made to the form.

Please note: If the “Student Data” portion has already been completed by the student (only       when using the action “hire” or “re-hire”, they will not need to re-complete this section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Bulk uploads – will we have a template to give to stakeholders to fill out, how do bulk uploads work?

1.     Fill out the bulk upload spreadsheet

2.     Please submit bulk upload spreadsheets to

3.     HR will then upload the spreadsheet to BPLogix and convert the spreadsheet to individual SEAFs

4.     You will receive email notifications from BPLogix regarding the next steps in the process of your SEAF requests

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