Business Services Form - Prizes, Awards, or Gifts Pre-Approval Form

The Prizes, Awards, or Gifts Expense Approval Form is used to request approval for prizes, awards, gifts, or promotional giveaway purchases.


Prizes, Awards, or Gifts Pre-Approval form can be completed using the following form in DocuSign:


Information about the kinds of Prizes, Awards, or Gifts purchases that are allowable can be found in the Prizes, Awards, and Gifts Policy:


The roles that will need to be entered in order to use the form are as follows:
Submitter: Initiates the request and completes most of the fields on the form.
WISER Manager: The WISER Manager for the account from which the prize, Award, or Gift purchase is to be made.
Business Services Approver (does not need to be entered): Reviews the request and approves or denies it.


Please contact Business Services at with any questions about using this form.

Form Layout

The form layout, along with the roles that complete each section of the form, are as follows:
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Specific Field Instructions
-Date(s) Prizes, Gifts, and Awards will be issued: Be as specific as possible. If items will be given away on multiple days, please provide additional details on the distribution plan in the additional information section.
-Funding Source: The University Funds box will be selected most often. Note that if a Fund 233 department is to be used, this is considered a University Fund. Select UWL Foundation only if items will be purchased directly by the Foundation, rather than running them through regular university channels.
-University Account to be Billed: Fund and Department are required fields here. If you are using grant funding and have a project ID, that will be required as well.
-Total Approximate Prizes, Awards, and Gift Costs: Put the total value of the purchase on this line. If your purchase includes multiple items, attach an estimate to the form or indicate in the Additional Information Box what the per-person cost is. This will help determine if costs are within allowed limits.
-Provide a description of the Prize(s), Award(S), and Gift(s): This field is a description of the items being purchased, not the reason why the purchase is being made.
-Additional Information related to the Prize(s), Award(s), and Gift(s): Each award type on the form indicates what information should be included in the 'Additional Information' box. In addition to the requested information, include any other details that are pertinent to approving the form. If more space is needed, attach a word document to the form.

Alternative Fillable PDF Form

If the DocuSign form cannot be used, the form can also be submitted as a fillable PDF:

Prizes, Awards, or Gifts Pre-Approval Fillable PDF Form

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