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Kaltura (My Media) - Sharing Videos

Once you have your videos uploaded, there are a few ways you can share them in your Canvas course. There is also a login separate from Canvas (Mediaspace) if you are a non-academic or academic department looking to share a link with an external audience. Videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas will be available in Mediaspace and videos uploaded in Mediaspace will appear in My Media in Canvas.


Sharing your Videos in Canvas

When you are logged into Canvas, you can find My Media in three different locations. See this KB.

My Media will only show you videos that you are the owner of. Even though you may have the link enabled in your course navigation, if students click on it, they would see videos that they uploaded.

Here are a couple of ways you can share your uploaded videos in your Canvas course:


Embed in a page or anywhere that has the Rich Content Editor such as assignments, discussions, announcements, and quizzes.

  • You can do this two ways. Either by locating the plug icon in the toolbar and selecting My Media or by selecting the Tools dropdown in the toolbar > Apps > My Media.  
    plug in icon

  • Once you select My Media, a pop-up screen will appear with access to the videos you have uploaded. Locate the video you want on the page and select Embed
    My Media popup

  • Add any additional content to the page (short description of the video, questions for students to think about while watching, etc). 
  • Save

Media Gallery

Enable Media Gallery in your Canvas course navigation to allow students to view an entire collection of videos.

  • Navigate to Settings> Navigation tab > Enable Media Gallery by dragging from the bottom list of items to the top list. Click Save.

Adding videos to the Media Gallery

    • In the course navigation, select Media Gallery
    • You can begin to add videos by selecting Add Media

    • A list of videos that have been added to My Media (Kaltura) will be available for you to select.
    • Select the check box on the left side of the Media Gallery for all videos you want to be available. 
    • Once you have all the videos checked, select Publish in the top right corner. 

Students will then be able to see the videos by also clicking on the Media Gallery in your Canvas Course. 

Sharing your Videos with Mediaspace

Go to

  • Log in at the top right by selecting Guest > My Media.
  • Once you have completed the login process, you will see a list of your uploaded videos. 
  • Select the video you want to share, either by clicking on the name or the picture of the video. 
  • Scroll below the video and select Actions > Publish in the bottom right corner. 
  • Select Unlisted and Save

publish screen

  • Above the Publishing Status, select Share

share screenshot

  • You can then copy the Link to Media Page to share. 

If you have any questions about using Kaltura email Please provide the video title and ID (if you can locate it). 

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