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Mediasite (MyMedia) - Using MyMedia

MyMedia is a locally hosted solution that allows you to create and manage videos.

Video content management and/or video content creation

  • Review the presentation that answers your specific question in the MyMedia Training Videos Library  This is recommended as the best way to find answers to your questions.  Visit this library.

  • MyMedia Desktop Recorder Account Creation
  1. If you don’t have an account go to and enter your NetID to create a MyMedia account.
  2. Once created immediately look for a system email. Click on the link in the message to validate your account. If you can’t find the email check your junk mail. If you can’t find anything in your UWL email call the Eagle Help Desk @ 608.785.8774.
  3. Navigate to and enter your NetID credentials (username, password) to login
  4. Click on the orange button at the bottom of the webpage that says “Add Media.” Note: if your Mac is running macOS Catalina (10.15) please go to for the download.

  5. Click on the words on the next page that say “download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder”. Then you will see the file download.  Follow the steps on this web page:
  6. Instructions to download and register MDR
    1. Open the downloaded file, and click Run.
    2. Follow instructions from the Installer Wizard, and click Allow when you’re prompted.
    3. Once the Desktop Recorder has been installed, you must go back to the screen above and select "Confirm and Register”.  Make sure that your email address then appears in the upper left corner of the grey MDR box.

    *** Please Note: With deployment in UWL Classrooms–If using the classroom computer you will need to re-register the MDR to your personal MyMedia account before you can record. Your email address must appear in the corner so the presentations get stored in your account and specific “channel” aka class folder.

Creating a Presentation

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the MDR application, create a presentation by clicking “Add Media” on your My Presentations home page.
    Add Media Button
    On the next page choose “I want to record my desktop now.” In the New Presentation Details box give your presentation a name and then click "Create and Launch." New Presentation Details Box
  2. Select which type of presentation you want: Screencast + Video, Slideshow + Video, Slideshow + Audio, Screencast and Audio, Video Only or Audio Only. (See bottom of this document for descriptions)
    MDR Software First Screen
  3. Click next, and you will see different input selections for video/audio.  Make sure that the audio lights blink.  If there aren't peaks in to the yellow adjust the audio level higher using the control panel to the right of the microphone name.
    Video and Audio settings control
  4. Click Next and make sure your settings are correct.
  5. ***Note: If you are doing a Screencast/Slideshow + Audio, you will not need to worry about camera size/input options. You will need a microphone/webcam hooked up to your computer in order to capture the presentation’s audio.

  6. Click Next in the bottom right corner to continue, and then choose which part of your desktop to record. (Check the box that says  "desktop" if you wish to capture everything on your screen. If you have two monitors select the one you wish to record)
    Select area to capture
  7. Click the red record button in the bottom right corner to start your recording. It will count down 5 seconds before the recording starts.  Also note the little red box with the vertical white lines.  That will appear in your task bar during recording and is the button that you will click to stop your recording.
     button to start recording
  8. Once you are done recording, click finish
    Finish Recording Button

Uploading your Presentation

If you launched the desktop recorder correctly, the presentation that you just made will automatically upload to your MyMedia account and in to the “channel” specified.  If you seem to have issues it may be that your internet connect is not of sufficient bandwidth.  Uploading your presentation anywhere on campus should be okay.  If you have poor internet at home or are using the internet at a coffeehouse you might run in to problems.

Once the recording is uploaded, immediately refresh the browser window and check the status of your presentation in your MyMedia account.
The presentation is being processed
 If it says that it is "Currently Working" or something like "Queued for Processing”  all is good.  Your presentation made it to the MyMedia server.  Check back later to check on your recording, set it to be visible and share the link.  If it reads something different the presentation hasn’t reached the server -- most likely due to an inadequate internet connection. You will need to re-upload your presentation when you have improved internet upload capacity.
(See end of document for instructions on re-uploading.)
Once the presentation has reached the server it will take time depending on how many recordings are in queue, the length of your presentation, number of images, etc. When processing is complete the presentation will show up as a thumbnail image in your MyMedia account.

Remember to change your presentation from Private to Viewable. Adjust security settings if necessary.

Use the MDR to create the style of presentation that you want:

  • Screencast + Video: Full-motion video of desktop with slides extracted + video from a camera with audio from microphone.
  • Screencast + Audio: Full-motion video of desktop with slides extracted + audio from microphone.
  • Slideshow + Video: Slides from desktop + video from a camera with audio from microphone.
  • Slideshow + Audio: Slides from desktop + audio from microphone.

Re-Upload Instructions

Occasionally Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) content may show a status of Uploaded but the presentation on the server is not viewable or processing, and does not appear to have been uploaded. Follow the steps below to re-upload recorded MDR content.

Method 1

  1. Go to your MyMedia account and click Create Presentation.
  2. Choose Record Desktop.
  3. Enter the details and click on the "Launch Desktop Recorder" button.
  4. When MDR opens, click "Upload Existing." Anything that previously showed as "Uploaded" will now say "Upload" again.

Method 2

  1. Go to MyMedia and click Create Presentation.
  2. Choose Upload Media.
  3. Enter the details and click on the "Save and Upload Later" button.
  4. Click on the presentation you just created, and now select "Record New Video."
  5. When MDR opens, click "Upload Existing." Anything that previously showed as "Uploaded" will now say "Upload" again.
  6. With Method 2, you can also use an existing unrecorded presentation skipping steps 1-3.

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