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Data/Files - Backing Up (Mac)

This article will walk you through manually backing up files stored on a Mac.
With data/files being so important today having a backup of them is extremely important. Please keep in mind you are the steward of your files.
Determine The Amount of Files to Be Backed Up 
Step 1: Click Finder on your Dock
Step 2: Choose Go > Home
Go To Home Folder
Step 3: Select the files to be backed up (Press and hold the Command button on your keyboard then click each file you want to backup). 
Note: Though the OneDrive folder is selected below, the green check by it means it is already backed up/synced with your OneDrive in the cloud (therefore backing it up manually may not be necessary).
Select Files
Step 4: Once all the files are selected then press Command + Option + I to display the total amount/size of the files you will be backing up. Note: This window may say calculating for a while if you have a lot of files.
Get Info
Backup Your Files
Step 5: Connect an external drive that is large enough to hold the amount shown in the previous step then open the drive. Alternatively, if you are planning to use OneDrive to backup your files, please see  before continuing.
Connect Backup Drive
Step 6: Place the two windows by each other. Make sure the files you want to copy are selected then click/drag them to the external drives window.
Copy Your Files
Step 7: A new window will appear and your files will begin to copy over. 
Note: Other then moving the mouse occassionaly to keep the computer from going to sleep, DO NOT perform any other action on the computer until the below window closes on its own.
Copy Dialogue Box
Step 8: On the external drive, select all the files you copied then press Command + Option + I to verify the amount/size matches the files stored on your computer. 
Note: It may take a few minutes to show the correct amount/size since the computer needs to recount/recalculate the files on the external drive. The amount of GB and items should match what is stored on your computer (see steps 1-4). Size in bytes may NOT be an exact match.
Get Info of Copied Files 
Congratulations, you have successfully backed up your files!
For further assistance please contact the Eagle Help Desk at x8774.

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