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Office 365 - Guides to Microsoft Applications and Products

This article contains useful links to the Microsoft Support website for guides and help with Microsoft applications and/or products.

Overview of the Microsoft Support Website/Office Applications

When you are at the Microsoft Support website (, click on any of the icons if you have questions and/or need help with using a specific Microsoft application or product. You can also use the search bar provided on the website for assistance too.

: UWL may not offer access to every Microsoft application or product that may be listed on the Microsoft Support website. If you have questions about which Microsoft applications or productions that UWL offers, then sign into your Microsoft portal at in order to see what is available or contact the Eagle Help Desk for further assistance. KB article on how to access Office 365 applications online: Office 365 - Accessing Office 365 Applications (and Installing Office).

: Your Microsoft account is managed by UWL and uses your UWL email address, so if you are having issues accessing your account, then please check out our KB article called "Trouble Logging In? General Troubleshooting" or contact the Eagle Help Desk for further assistance.

Need Microsoft Office Apps? See Office 365 - Accessing Office 365 Applications (and Installing Office)

Access: Database (Windows Only)

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning.

Bookings: Organize schedules and manage appointments.

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning.

Excel: Spreadsheets

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning. Below are some common articles we share:

Forms: Online Surveys

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning.

Outlook: Email

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning. Below is some helpful UWL specific information.

With Outlook on your PC, Mac or mobile device, you can:

  • Organize your email to focus on the messages that matter most.
  • Manage your calendar to schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Share files from the cloud so everyone always has the latest version.
  • Stay connected and productive wherever you are.

Download Apps or Access via the Web

Note: If you have yet to setup Okta, make sure to follow the steps in Okta - Initial Setup (START HERE) before proceeding.

iOS & Android: Download and Setup

Via the Web (and Installing Microsoft Office on Mac or PC)

Important Notes:

Applicants and recently admitted students will not have access to Office 365 through UWL (including email) until they have started the enrollment process for classes as a student and/or are a current student. 

  • Faculty and Staff have access to Office 365 once they have access to email (by first day of employment).
  • Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on up to five personal devices.
  • Supported OS: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.
  • Chromebooks and other non-supported OS's may use the online or web versions of Office 365
  • Devices must check-in with Microsoft at least once every 30 days to retain their activation.
  • Access to Office 365 ends upon departure from UWL (Graduation, Retirement, etc...). Microsoft Office may be purchased if you would like to continue to have access to it.

Go to then click the email icon.


Enter your full UWL email addressNext.

Sign In

Enter your UWL Email Address and Password, Sign in.

UWL Sign in

Verify your account by using your Okta authentication device to complete your sign in. 


Now you should be able to see all of your available Office 365 applications like Outlook (email), OneDrive, Word and so on. Click on any of the applications in order to use them online. 

Install Microsoft Office (Recommended)

Click Install and more, Install Microsoft 365 apps


Click Install Office. Once downloaded then open the installer (see Downloads folder) and complete the install.

Install Office

Need more help?
Contact the Eagle Help Desk

Email, Attachments, BCC & Signature

Create and send email

Add pictures or attach files in

Show, Hide, and View the Blind Cabon Copy (Bcc) field

Create Email Signature

Faculty and Staff can create and acquire their professional UWL email signatures with a UWL logo through their Profile page at, then on Create email signature. Once created, copy and paste it in Outlook signature settings. 

  • Outlook for the web
  • PC
  • Mac
  • iOS or Android: Open Outlook, tap your account image in the top left corner, tap the gear icon at the bottom left to open Outlook settings. Tap Signature to open the signature settings. 

Focused Inbox, Flag and Search Emails

Focused Inbox

Flag or pin a message in

Pinning a message moves it to the top of your inbox so it's easy to find later.


Collaborate, Create a Poll, Contacts & Calendar

Collaborate with Others

Create a Poll - Create an instant, real time poll in seconds within an email message. In the body of your Outlook email, add questions and options for single or multiple answers.

Manage your calendar and contacts

Calendar Web App

Notifications, Settings & Keyboard Shortcuts


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Web: Go to Settings (looks like a gear) > View all Outlook settings > General Notifications(see image below) 


Keyboard shortcuts

SPAM, Phishing/Junk, vs. Block or Unblock Senders

NOTE: Spam senders often spoof email addresses, which makes them appear like the message is sent from a "real" address. Often they send spam from different email addresses, so blocking an email isn't recommended for effectively reducing spam, especially specific messages.  

The preferred method is to MARK THE MESSAGE AS JUNK because this will teach Microsoft junk mail filtering to look for these messages (which can be difficult to block individually using the block senders method).

Please see the links below to block a specific email address or domain from reaching your inbox:

Email Forwarding (Web App Only)

*Important Note:

The "enable email forwarding" feature within your UWL email account settings will only work if you are forwarding to another UWL email account ( Due to security reasons, enabling this feature or auto-forwarding emails to another email account outside of UWL will not work.

Click the Settings gear


Click Forwarding, Enable forwarding, enter a UWL email addressSave.


To stop forwarding, simply click Enable Forwarding again and choose Save.

Additional Resources:  Training, get help or Additional Outlook help & learning.

Need Help? Contact the Eagle Help Desk 

OneDrive: Personal File Storage and Backup

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning. Below is some helpful UWL specific information.  

What is OneDrive? - OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that is available to you with your Office 365 account. Store your documents, pictures, and other files safely and access them from any device connected to the Internet. Currently, there is 1 TB of storage available to all faculty, staff and students. 

Download and Setup

Learn about One Drive

General Usage

File Protection and Deleted File Recovery

When you delete a file or folder, OneDrive gives you a chance to undo your decision. But even if you miss that opportunity, you can still get the file back from the Recycle bin.

Additional Resources: OneDrive help & learning.

Troubleshooting and Issues

Invalid file names and file types in OneDrive and SharePoint

Sync Issues

This item might not exist or is no longer available (in browser)

  • Refresh your web browser.
  • Close the web browser out completely and then re-open before accessing your OneDrive files/folders.   
  • Clear your web browser's "all time" history, cache and cookies before accessing your OneDrive again. 
  • Use a private window to access your OneDrive. 
  • Try using a different web browser
  • Make sure that your web browsers are up-to-date. 
  • Check out the Microsoft Service Status page If there is an issue that Microsoft is reporting, then we would appreciate your patience as they try to resolve it on their end since we would have no control over it. 
  • Contact the Eagle Help Desk if the issue has not yet resolved after trying the suggestions above.
Additional Resources: Troubleshoot issues with OneDrive"


OneNote: Taking Notes

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning.

PowerPoint: Presentations

Teams: Collaboration and Group File Storage

Click the title above to access Microsoft's Online Learning. Below is some helpful UWL specific information. 

What is Microsoft Teams? It is a collaboration tool you can use on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. With it you can:
  • Pull together a team.
  • Use chat instead of email.
  • Securely edit files at the same time.
  • See likes, @mentions, and replies with just a single tap.
  • Customize it by adding notes, web sites, and apps.

Installation and Requirements

Download Microsoft Teams or Update to the Latest Version 

Bandwidth Download and Upload Requirements: 


Create & Manage a Team

Create a class team

Create a Professional Learning Community (PLC) team

Create a staff team

Team owner, member, and guest capabilities

Important Notes: At this time, you can only invite UWL students and/or faculty and staff to a "team." In order to add outside or non-UWL guests to your team, then you will have to submit a ticket or contact the Eagle Help Desk in which the request should include the name of your team, the non-UWL guests' names and email addresses in order for them to be approved and added to your Team manually.

**However, non-UWL guests can join or be invited to a Teams meeting without having to be added manually. See Schedule a Meeting with instructions on how to invite outside guests to your meetings.

Meetings & Events

Join a meeting - Note: Call in is not turned on for UWL accounts at this time.

Schedule a Meeting - This includes inviting people outside of UWL

Options and Features During a Meeting

Manage Breakout Rooms or see Breakout Rooms (Video)

Change Your Background  - Note: Blurring or replacing your background might not prevent sensitive information from being visible to other meeting participants.

Share Content - This includes granting or taking control of Shared content. *Note: When you’re sharing an app, only give control to people you trust. People you give control to may send commands that could affect your system or other apps. We've taken steps to prevent this but haven't tested every possible system customization.

Use live captions in a Teams meeting

Record a Meeting, Play and Share It

Live Events

Create a Live Event - Note: A Microsoft Teams Live Event can host up to 1000 participants, but it is only one-way communication. 

Attend a Live Event

If you are the organizer of a live event, you can schedule it in Teams the same way you schedule a regular Teams meeting. This process will add the live event to your and your event group's calendars. After that, you'll need to invite the attendees.

Additional Resources:

Microsoft Teams Support Website:

Word: Word Processing


Other Useful Microsoft Information: Microsoft Service / Health Status 

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