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Kaltura is the video portal for the Universities of Wisconsin. With it, instructors, students, and staff can easily upload, store, stream, and share (or restrict) videos. Instructors can also add quizzes directly into their videos.
Kaltura's In-Video Quizzes allows instructors to embed simple quiz questions directly with Kaltura videos. This feature works well for learning-checks or for low stakes assessment. Because of sporadic issues in recording student scores and transferring them to the Canvas gradebook, this feature is not recommended for graded assignments or high stakes assessment.
To create an in-video quiz, instructors select an existing Kaltura video of theirs, then use Kaltura's Editing features to add multiple choice or text-entry questions which will appear during the video. Once an in-video quiz is created, instructors can add an interactive video quiz as an assignment and integrate it directly with Canvas's Assignments and Gradebook. Note: instructors and students have reported occasional but persistent issues with the Gradebook integration resulting in missing scores; the DLE Team does not recommend using in-video quizzes for important assignments.
Example of an interactive video quiz with a question and two multiple choice answers.

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