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SharePoint Websites

This is a how-to overview for creating SharePoint sites

SharePoint websites

Office SharePoint sites can be created and managed by UWL users. An office SharePoint site is an Intranet site open to users on the UWL domain, no external access can be granted. The owner(s) of the site have access to add or remove individuals to the site with the following three access levels:

  1. Owner - Access to modify the structure of the site and add users
  2. Member - Access to add, edit and delete content on the site
  3. Visitor - Access to only read the content

Owners of the SharePoint sites, have webpart components that can be added and removed as desired to the site to address specific needs. Images, embedded code,  document libraries, timers, calendars, lists, news, links and more are all different webparts that can be used.

There are two ways to approach creating SharePoint sites, you can either create a new outlook group or a new office team.

Outlook group

  1. From Outlook select the People icon.
  2. From this page look for the option to add a new group.
  3. Define the name of the group.
  4. In the Apps section of the group details there is a link to Sites, this is the new SharePoint site

Office Teams

  1. Look for and launch Office Teams. This can either be in you office 365 in a web browser or the local client version.
  2. Go to the Teams page and look for the Join or create team button
  3. Select create a team
  4. You will be prompted to select the base template for your team site from the following options: Class, Professional Learning Community, Staff or Other.
  5. Decide on the team name. It is best to avoid adding years if the team will exist for some time, conversely if the team is associated with a specific class adding the year, semester and the course ID would be helpful.
  6. By default SharePoint sites are marked as private but you can change that to public.
  7. The next step is to add members to the site.
  8. Once the Team is created go to the teams icon, select files then select the Open in SharePoint link.

For information on how to edit a SharePoint site please reference the following Microsoft article or contact Eagle Helpdesk to open a ticket and schedule a time with the SharePoint administrator for assistance.

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