Duo - Using Push Notifications to Authenticate

Information about how to use the "Send me a push" option in order to authenticate with Duo and complete your logins.

1. Select the Device that you want to send the Duo push notification to in order to authenticate. 

2. Click on Send Me a Push

3. Approve the push notification on your device's Duo Mobile app by selecting the request and tapping on the green check mark that is labeled as "Approve.

4. Now you should be successfully authenticated and logged into your account. 

Not receiving Duo push notifications to your device? 
  • Check your WiFi or network connection to make sure that you are connected to the Internet because Duo push notifications are based off your device's network or Internet connection.
  • Open up the Duo Mobile app on your device to see if the request is waiting there for you to approve. 
    • *Note: A duo push notification request will eventually time out and you will have to send yourself another one if that happens. 
  • Check your device's notification settings to make sure that you have the Duo Mobile app "allowed" to send notifications to your device. 
  • Reactivate Duo Mobile if your Duo Mobile app on your device is "disconnected" or says that it needs to be reactivated or reconnected. 

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