Remote Computer Access - macOS

Below are the instructions on how to connect to a macOS computer on campus using Remote Computer Access. The macOS computers are denoted on the website with the apple icon next to the computer name.

Step 1: Connect to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN

You must first install and connect to the UWL Cisco AnyConnect VPN before you will be able to gain remote access to a computer. 


Step 2: Access the Remote Computer Access website

Please visit the website provided by your instructor to access the remote computers

Step 3: Connecting to the remote computer

  1. If your computer is a macOS computer

Click on the Connect button next to the computer name


Then click Connect on the box that pops up.


You may be prompted by the browser to allow the Remote Computer Access website to open up Screen Sharing on your mac, click Open Screen Sharing to continue. Optionally you may click the box to always allow this behavior. 


Enter your NetID username and password (not full email address) 


Then enter your NetID username and password one more time to log onto the computer


You will then be logged onto the computer and can use it as if you were sitting in front of it. 

Please remember to save any documents/files to your U drive or OneDrive. The computers available to remotely access are displayed randomly so you may not be able to access the same computer again. 

B. If your computer is a Windows/PC

* In order to get the best performance, ITS recommends using a remote computer that is the same operating system as your personal computer (i.e. - if you have a Windows device, remotely access a Windows computer on campus). Remotely accessing a macOS computer on campus from a Windows device is possible, but it requires you to install an additional application and the performance may not be as good. The instructions are below. 

Click the VNC Viewer link from the pop-up box after clicking Connect next to the computer name


You will be re-directed to RealVNC's website to install their RealVNC Viewer software. Download and install the RealVNC software. 


Open up RealVNC Viewer and click the New connection


Go back to the Remote Computer Access webpage and copy the computer name. 


Paste that name into the VNC Server box in the VNC Viewer software


Then double click the host in VNC Viewer to make the connection. You will get prompted about the connection not being secure, that is expected, click Continue. Optionally you can click the other checkbox to not warn again.


Enter your NetID and password in the next box.


Then enter your NetID and password again and you will be logged into the computer. 

One last thing to note, please delete the connection in RealVNC after you have ended your remote session. That same computer may not be available next time you want to access a computer remotely, so please go back to the Remote Computer Access website which will show what computers are available. 

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