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This article will provide guidance to hiring managers and department chairs about how to review, update, or modify an existing job description prior to initiating a Recruitment for an open position.
The first step in the recruitment process is to work with your Human Resource Partner, and the Budget Office on reviewing and updating the job description.  Each unit or department on campus is authorized to employ a certain number of people.  These positions are linked to a UW System title, however, UWL uses a secondary title, called the "Working Title" or "Business Title" to more clearly define the position.  

Positions are maintained in the PeopleAdmin product, which also is used for Recruitment, Position Management, and Onboarding new employees. To help you get started, Human Resources has provided general templates in a Word format that can help you transition your updates into the PeopleAdmin system of record.  These Templates 
are HR approved outlines of what a position description must look like:


To begin the process of updating the position description in the system of record, you will need to log into the PeopleAdmin program. 

Navigating to the Position Management tool

After you have logged into PeopleAdmin, you will need to click on the three blue dots in the upper left corner of the screen.  This will reveal several options for you.  Select the "After you have logged into PeopleAdmin, you will need to click on the three blue dots in the upper left corner of the screen.  This will reveal several options for you.  Select the "Position Management" icon. You will be brought to the position management dashboard.   


Next, hover over the "Position Descriptions" link from the top navigation menu.  When you hover over the text "Position Descriptions" you will be able to select from four options, Staff/Administrative, Staff/Administrative Position Requests, Faculty/Instructional, and Faculty/Instructional Position Requests.  For use in updating/modifying an existing position description, select only "Staff/Administrative" OR "Faculty/Instructional".  
  • Staff/Administrative can be used for Non-Instructional Academic Staff, Limited Appointments, University Staff Appointments, LTE, or GA/TAs.
  • Faculty/Instructional can be used for Faculty or Instructional Academic Staff.

In the next view, you will have the opportunity to select the position in your unit/department that you wish to update/modify.  Click on the position title to modify a position description, or click on "Create New Position Description" if you are proposing to create a new position within your unit/department. 

For the most part, supervisors/chairs will be reviewing current positions within a unit/department.  Click on the title of the position you wish to review.  

When you are taken to the position details page, click on the "Modify Position Description" in the upper right corner:


You may get the following warning message:

Click on the "Start" button to begin the update process. Please note that when updating the position information, it will not affect how previous recruitments or positions will appear in the Recruitment portion of PeopleAdmin.  This is to ensure historical information is preserved for previous employees that may have held this position.

The Position Management tool allows you to update all of the information for the position.  Using the previously mentioned Word document templates may be useful, as they will help guide you through the updating of the position.  Here is a table listing the fields that are available for updating and a description and what should be included in the field. Please be as complete as possible.  The image below shows the various sections that will guide you through the update/modification process:


Once you have updated your position description, you will be required to seek approval, prior to the recruitment.  The purpose of the position description approval is to confirm that the updates/modifications to the position did not push the position into a new compensation range, classification, or UW System title.  Substantial changes, such as movement from a Bachelor's degree to a Master's degree may modify the UW System title consideration, thus increasing the budget need for the position.  The approvals are visualized below, (on the left is simply modifying the job; on the right is the approval needed PRIOR to recruitment):


The final action is to route the modification/changes for approval.  To take action on the position, begin by clicking on the "Take Action on Position Request" button in the upper right corner:


Within the expanded options, you should see "Workflow Steps" or "Workflow Actions.  Proceed to advance to the next State, usually Level 2.

Automatic emails will be sent to the necessary approvers to take action on the position description. You can monitor the status by returning to the position dashboard and watching it advance in the workflow state titled: Position Request Workflow State.

You will receive an automated email once the position description has received the final approval. 

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