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Web editing - How do I copy/cut and paste a block or media file?

An overview for managing blocks and media assets within a page, block, or folder

Within the Assets manager tab, there are two tabs: Blocks and Media

The instructions for copying an item from one folder to another works identically for both tabs, but items can only be copied and pasted within the same tab. In other words, a block can't be copied to a media folder, and media can't be copied to a block folder.

To get started, locate the Assets pane:
Assets pane

In this example, the Blocks tab is selected and after scrolling all the way to the bottom, For this page can be clicked.

Every page has a For this page folder, and every block has a For this block folder. Most of the time, creating a new block on a page or within another block will put it in this folder. 

For this page folder

Let's say we want to copy the Stryker Eagle block to use it as a starting point for modifications. We can select the menu to the right side and choose Copy.

Copy an item

Cut could have also been selected and the instructions would work similarly.

Finally, click the right side menu next to the folder that the block should go in and choose Paste. In this example, the copied block is being pasted into the same folder, but any other folder you have access to could be used. 

Paste menu

You will see your duplicated block in this list with an added number on it to keep it unique. You can paste many more times to create more duplicates. 

Duplicated item is displayed

Additionally, you can:

  • Select multiple blocks and cut or copy them
  • Cut a block out of a For this page/For this block folder and paste it into one of your area's folders (ex. Offices Services > Admissions) to re-use that block on multiple pages. This is very convenient if you'd like the same content to appear in multiple places and remain syncronized.
  • Follow these instructions for use with the Media tab to re-organize or duplicate media files like images, PDFs, etc.

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