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Respondus Lockdown Browser - Student Troubleshooting

Here are some troubleshooting tips for students using Respondus Lockdown Browser.

General tips

  • Restart your computer
  • Check Respondus for any updates
  • Make sure you are downloading the correct Respondus License for UWL. You must download from our Canvas or it will not work correctly. 
    • If you instructor does not have a practice quiz set up and you want to download the browser ahead of time, self enroll in this Canvas Student Orientation course. On the bottom of the home page is a module with the practice quiz that will take you through the steps to download, or re-download if you need to update the browser. 

Respondus Video Connection Timed Out

**Students living on campus, make sure you are connected to the UWL Eagle Wifi and not the Guest Wifi.**

If you encounter the "Video connection timed out" error, please do the following:

  1. Try clicking the "try again" button on that same page. This may permit the connection to be established. It's only necessary to click this button one time, as doing this makes a small network change.  But if the error persists, clicking the button multiple times will not help.

  2. If the error ersists, it's likely caused by a latency (delay) on your computer and/or network. This can include other devices on your network using bandwidth. The best thing for you to do is to exit LockDown Browser and restart your computer. After the restart, be sure to shut down all other running applications on both the computer and the network, including other network devices.  If using Wi-Fi, move as close to the router as possible.

  3. Then start up LockDown Browser and try again.

  4. If the problem persists, try using a different network, or a hardwired connection via an Ethernet cable

Screencastify Error

Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension (typically). If LockDown Browser is detecting that Screencastify is running, the LockDown Browser session will not be permitted to open until you disable or uninstall it.
  1. If you've already removed the Screencastify extension (Settings > More Tools > Extensions) and are still getting this error you will need to completely uninstall the Google Chrome download.

  2. Verify the Respondus Lockdown Browser will work by starting the application and making sure you no longer receive that error, and then you can re-install Chrome. 
If you are unable to remove this extension, you will need to obtain another computer to take your LockDown Browser required exams.  The software developer provides these instructions, which may also be helpful:

If you are unable to resolve your issues with the above, send us a message with error message you are receiving, and screenshots if possible. You can also reach out directly to Respondus Support to Submit a Help Ticket. They are fairly quick in responding. 

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