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Okta - Set Up Additional Devices or Remove Devices (Security Methods Management)

How to manage devices setup for Okta and Okta Verify

Setting up Okta Verify for Windows or Mac?

See Okta - Okta Verify App Setup (FastPass for Windows & macOS)

For all other Security Methods, see below:

In a browser on a computer, go to

Enter your NetId or Email, Password then choose Next.

Sign In

Click your Name, Settings

Click Name

By the Security Method you would like, Set up or Set up another. If you are looking to remove a device, Remove.

Set Up

Enter Password, Verify


Approve the two factor request and follow the appropriate steps below:

Okta Verify Setup Instructions 


ITS recommends to have at least two security devices added to your account; (i.e. cell phone, laptop, iPad . . .) you may add as many devices as you like.

It is recommended to setup Okta on your cell phone first before adding other devices because you need to "verify" when adding other devices.  The easiest way is to use your cell phone for verification.

In the future, when you get a new phone make sure to see Okta - Authenticator Removal Before Getting a New Phone

Install and Setup

University Owned (iOS)

Open Self Service

Self Service

Sign in

Sign In


Install Okta

Open Okta Verify

Open Okta

Personally Owned

Looking for Okta Verify App Setup (Windows and mac)

Get Started

Get Started


How it works

Received an SMS from Okta? Open the texted link again to complete setup.

Add account

Add Account





No, Sign In Instead

No, Sign In

Enter, Next. 


Sign in with your UWL credentials. If prompted regarding "Push Notifications" choose Allow.





Account Added

Okta Code

Disable Biometrics (Android)

On the Account details page, go to the Options section and turn off Use biometrics.

Disable Biometrics

When prompted, verify your identity with biometrics.


Once installed and Okta verification is needed, you may choose:

Send Push: Sends a verification request (requires internet access)

Send Push

Send Push

Yes, It's Me

Yes, Its Me

Verify with something else: Enter the code from the app (internet access not needed)

Verify with something else

Verify With Something Else

Enter a Code, Select


Enter code from Okta Verify app, Verify

Verify Code


Security Key (YubiKey) or Biometric Authenticator (macOS or iOS)

Set up

Set up

Set up

Set up

Use Touch ID or Other Options if using a YubiKey

Other Options

If setting up a YubiKey, choose Security Key, Continue


Device and Yubikey have NFC? Place Yubikey near device (top of device typically)

Otherwise: Insert YubiKey, gently press the gold surface

Insert Yubikey

Done, the device has been added to your account!

Please Note: macOS and iOS do not require you setup a PIN for a Yubikey. Windows will require you to setup a PIN the first time you connect a YubiKey and authenticate with it. Once a PIN is set you will be prompted every time you authenticate using the YubiKey on any device.  Need to change your PIN? see Okta - Yubikey PIN (Change or Reset)

Security Key (YubiKey) or Biometric Authenticator (Windows)

Set up

Set up

Set up

Set up


Windows Security


Continue Setup

Windows Hello or external security key

External Security Key

Insert the YubiKey

Continue Setup

Enter the desired PIN, Verify the PINOK. The PIN entered here will be required anytime you authenticate with the YubiKey.


Gently press the gold surface


Done, the device has been added to your account!

Need to change your PIN? see Okta - Yubikey PIN (Change or Reset)

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