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Navigate 360: Building V3 Reports

How to utilize the V3 Reporting Tools in Navigate 360.

There are 22 reports that can be run in Navigate 360.

For a description of each report view: Navigate 360: Report types and descriptions

For some examples of helpful starting points for reports: V3 Reports Starting Ideas

Access reports by clicking the Reports icon from the left menu bar.
Reporting Icon

If you are starting a new report, be sure to select the "Standard Reports" option.
Select Standard Reports Menu

Select the report you wish to run by clicking on the link. You can either scroll down the list to locate the correct report, or start typing the report title in the search bar.

Select report title

Build your report

Add data filters

Data filters are utilized to create your search parameters. Click Add Filter, and then you will need to select a field, condition, and value for each row. Options within these menus will be limited by your selections. 

To select the field, either utilize the drop down menu, or begin typing the name of the field in the field box.
Select Filters
Select the condition from the drop down menu.
Select condition
Select the one or more values from the menu.
Select Value(s)

You can add multiple filters to a report by utilizing the same process for each filter.

Filter Logic

Logic filters are set to default to match all filters. However, you are able to alter the logic to better customize your report.

Table of filter options



Match all Filters (AND) Use the match all filters option to create a logical condition that requires all specified criteria to be true for a record to be included in the report results. AND logic will narrow your results.
Match any Filters (OR) Use the match any filters option to a logical operator that connects multiple conditions, where at least one condition must be true for a record to be included in the report results. OR logic will broaden your results.
Advanced (AND/OR) Use Advanced to create more complex logic when creating a report to specify conditions that must be met. "AND" requires all conditions to be true, while "OR" requires at least one condition to be true.

To edit the logic, click the drop down menu.
Select Filter Logic

If you select Advanced Logic, a new window will open along the right side of the page where you can write your logic. This box will also include instructions.
Write Advanced Logic

Depending on which Report you are running, there will also be a series of check boxes below your chosen filters that you can utilize to limit your results.

Example of report check boxes

Run Report

Once you have selected all of your filters, click the Run Report button. It may take a few seconds for your report to run depending on the size and complexity.
Run Report Button

Utilize your results

There are many actions that you can take on your report within Navigate 360. For specific ideas on actions that can be taken:

Navigate 360: Utilizing V3 Reports from the Results Menu

Navigate 360: Utilizing V3 Reports from the Actions Menu

Navigate 360: Saving a report in V3

Navigate 360: Sharing report filters and logic with another user

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