D2L - importing grades (includes ScanTron)

This guide will provide you with step by step instructions on how to Import Grades into the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning environment.

Importing Grades into D2L

  1. You may request to receive a D2L formatted file when having your tests scored using the Scantron. The file you receive should have the file extension .CSV at the end. If it does not, you will need to add this file extension.

    Note: The format for D2L import is different than the Results File to Instructor format which includes student names that can be emailed. If your file contains student names, it is not in the correct format for D2L. You must specifically request the D2L format for your file. D2L files will contain only the student 8.4 username and score (separated by a comma).

  2. Once you have received an email with the results of your Scantron, save the file you want to import to your desktop or another appropriate location.

  3. To save this file, click Download and then save it to the desired location on your computer.

  4. Open the saved file in Microsoft Excel.

  5. In Excel, click in the column heading for the scores (called "Points Grade" by default) and change the column heading to include the name of your item in D2L.

    For example, if you have created an item in D2L called Quiz 2, you will need to change the column heading to Quiz 2 Points Grade.

  6. Save the file. If you are warned that you the file will lose formatting, this is to be expected. Click Yes to continue.

Step 2: Format the File in Excel for D2L

  1. Cell A1 (Column A, Row 1) must be titled Username and the column must contain student 8.4 usernames.

  2. The column(s) which contain the scores (number of points received) must be titled ITEMNAME Points Grade where ITEMNAME is replaced with the name of the item you created in D2L for these scores. The last column heading must read End-of-Line Indicator with # as data in that column.

    Note: A sample file is available in the D2L Grades Area. To do this, click Grades from the top navigation bar. Then select Import. You will then see the Sample File.

  3. Now you can enter the data into Excel.

  4. Once you have done this, Click Save As. From the dropdown, select CSV file and name the file.

  5. Click Save.

Step 3: Import the CSV File into D2L

  1. In a selected course, click Grades from the top navigation bar.

  2. Click Import

  3. Click Choose File and find your CSV file that you saved to your computer.

    Note: You have the option to create a new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced. This will automatically create a grade item with the name you defined in the Points Grade column

  4. Once you have selected your file, click Continue.

  5. The system will then process your file and report any errors. If there are no errors click Continue.

  6. After previewing the import, click Import.

You may receive grades in a format that can be imported into D2L upon request, or you can create a CSV file using Microsoft Excel. See the attached PDF for more information.
Learn D2L -- Import Scantron Grades

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