D2L - randomizing questions in a quiz

Creating Quizzes with Randomized Questions

You may want to make a quiz for students with a given number of questions chosen randomly from a “bank” of questions. Randomizing questions in a quiz allows you more flexibility in administering the quiz, being that there is less repetition in terms of which questions are used. Note that creating a quiz with randomized questions requires that you use the Question Library to create a bank of questions.

1. Create a Bank of Questions

  1. Click Quizzes on the course toolbar and Question Library on the top menu.
  2. Choose Section from the dropdown menu and click Create New. Give your new section a name, provide any of the other information you wish, and click Save.
  3. Click the folder for your new section.
  4. New and then select your question type.
  5. Create your questions.

    Note: This will serve as the bank from which questions are chosen in the randomized quiz, so have as many questions as you will need. You can always add questions to this bank. Creating a quiz of 10 questions from a bank of 10 will only randomize the order; creating a quiz of 10 questions form a bank of 20 will not only put them in a random order, but will also randomly select 10 questions.

    Also Remember:The weight of an answer is a percentage, not a point value. The correct answer of a one-point question should have a weight of 100, not 1.

2. Create the Quiz

  1. Under Quizzes, select New to create a new quiz. Provide any information or restrictions that the quiz should have. Remember that you are required to give the quiz a name.
  2. Under the Layout/Questions tab click Add/Edit Questions.
  3. Here you can add individual questions. Doing so would guarantee that they would be on the quiz. Do so by clicking Import and locating that/those question(s).
  4. To create a random component, select Random Section from the dropdown and click Create New.
  5. You need to provide a section name, but this will only display to students if you select “show section name” under Display Options. When you are down click Save.
  6. Open the random section and click Import.
  7. Save when finished.

    Note: Select from all questions by choosing Collection Root from the dropdown and expanding the folders you would like to include. Select from a particular set of questions by selecting it from the dropdown. To include all questions in a particular section, check the box next to the section.

  8. Enter the number of questions you would like to be chosen from this list in the box next to Questions per attempt. Enter the point value for each of these questions in Points each.
  9. Click Save.
  10. From here, your quiz can be edited as normal. You can also add additional randomized sections.

    Note: This is useful, for example, if you would like a number of random multiple-choice questions and a number of random true/false questions.

See the attached PDF for more information: Learn D2L -- Quiz Randomized Questions

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