D2L - Creating and using rubrics

Using Rubrics in D2L

Step 1: Create the Rubric(s)

  1. Select Rubrics in the course tool bar (under More Tools).

  2. Select New Rubric

  3. Complete the Rubric properties

    • Consider setting the status initially to “draft,” then once the rubric is ready to be used, set it as “Published.”

    • Determine type, then set the number of levels and criteria (if analytic type).

  4. Select the “Levels and Criteria” tab

    Complete the rubric, editing both the criteria and level names, by clicking the chevron/triangle symbols (actions).

    Note: You cannot currently “import” a rubric from outside D2L, but you can do some copying pasting. Once you have the rubric in D2L, however, you can copy it from course to course.


5. Publish the Rubric

Return to the properties tab and select “Published.”

Note: Make sure your rubric is final before completing this step. Once you publish the rubric, you cannot change it (though you may make a new copy and edit the copy).

Step 2: Link the Rubric to a Grade(d) Item

Link the rubric to a graded item (Dropbox, Discussion topic, or Quiz) or grade item (Grades).

Note: How students view the rubric will depend upon where you place it.


  • Dropbox:

    You can complete the rubric and students can see their results directly in the dropbox area (and it can be directly linked to Grades).
  • Discussions:

    If you use a rubric to grade discussions, consider placing it in the Grades area (see Grades below; linked to grade item). You can complete the rubric in the Discussions area, but it is not linked to Grades (and students do not see the rubric).
  • Quizzes:

    You can complete the rubric (usually holistic) in the “Overall Grade” area when grading a quiz, and students can see their feedback there. However, it is not directly linked to Grades.
  • Grades:

    You complete the rubric and students see their results in the Grades area.

Step 3: Grade the Item

Grading a Dropbox Item with a Rubric


  1. In the list of submitted files, select “Leave Feedback” for a student’s submission.

  2. On the Leave Feedback screen, under Evaluation, select the rubric.

  3. Complete the rubric using the radio buttons. The rubric should automatically total the points.

  4. Click Save or Save and Record to transfer the score to the dropbox/grades.


Using a Rubric in the Grades Area

  1. In the Enter Grades area, select the dropdown for the grade item, then Grade All

  2. In the Grade Item area, select the rubric icon in the Assessment column.

  3. Complete the rubric for the item, then click Save.

  4. Be sure to record the rubric score in the grades area for that item/student.
Note: D2L currently does not complete this function (carrying rubric score to Grades) as it does in the Dropbox tool.

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