i>clicker-Fixing Roster Sync with i>clicker Remote Registrations in D2L

Instructions for faculty to fix roster sync issues within i>clicker 7 for student remote registrations in D2L

Updates to D2L have broken the connection between the instructor's i>clicker 7 software and the student i>clicker remote registration link within D2L.  In order to restore this connection, instructors need to take the following steps.

Step 1.  Replace LMS_Wizard.xml file

1. Please replace the LMS_Wizard.xml file in the instructor’s i>clicker software RESOURCES sub-folder with the file in this zipped link (unzip before copying file) LMS_Wizard.xml.zip

2. Faculty need to re-authenticate D2L through the i>clicker software as the attached file is “universal” and does not contain any login credentials. Please go into i>clicker/Settings/Gradebook to “Select Course” for your class in order to complete that authentication.  Note: After choosing Select Course it does take a signification amount of time for the course selection window to appear (as long as a minute).

Step 2: Rename gradesexport.csv

After the XML file is in place and i>clicker re-authenticates with D2L, RENAME the “gradesexport.csv” file in Classes/[course-name] folder to something else (suggestion OldLMSsync.csv). Do this for each i>clicker class to be integrated with D2L.

Step 3: Sync Roster

1. Once the roster is renamed, launch i>clicker, select the class, Launch Gradebook, and click “Sync Roster”.

2. When/if a match suggestion window appears, please click “Ignore All”. This will allow i>clicker to download all of the proper  i>clicker remote registrations with no interruptions.

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