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macOS - Enterprise Connect

This article will provide an overview of Apple Enterprise Connect and how it is used at UW-L.
Enterprise Connect assists faculty and staff in maintaining and updating their NetID password on campus-owned Macs. This software prevents most keychain issues from occurring when a password is changed. Enterprise Connect will also map the UWL network drives (O, N, and U) automatically when connected to the campus network or the VPN. More information about connecting to the VPN can be found here - VPN - Connection Guide (Mac)

Enterprise Connect will be installed on your computer automatically. To begin using it, please open it from the Applications folder on your Mac.
On Campus? You must be connected to the UWL-Eagle WiFi or connected to our network via an Ethernet cord.
Off Campus? You must be connected to the VPN called "Cisco AnyConnect" for Enterprise Connect to work.
Apple Enterprise Connect Log
Once the application is open, please log in using your NetID password.

Once you sign in, you will get a pop-up message asking to connect to the various network drives, this is normal. Click Connect to connect to the network drives. 

Enterprise Connect is now configured and will now run automatically when you sign into your computer, appearing in the Mac toolbar next to the clock.
Enterprise Connect dropdown
When you click on the icon, it will tell you who is signed in as well as when the password expires for the account. You will get notifications on the Mac when the password expires in 15 days or less. 

When it comes time to change your password, you will now be able to do it right from the Mac, no need to visit the password reset page. 
Just navigate to the Enterprise connect icon and select Change password...
  1. Put in the current password
  2. Put in the new password. A box will pop up to let you know that the new password meets the required criteria.
  3. Confirm the password in the verify box and select Change Password
If the password meets the criteria, you will receive a success message. The password is now updated both on the computer and all of the applications/services that use the NetID and password. Please make sure you log out and log back on with the new password. If you receive an error the Apple Keychain upon logon, hit the cancel button. When the MacOS connects to the campus network (via ethernet, UWL-Eagle wireless, or via the VPN), the keychain will update itself. If you are using FileVault, you might need to use the old password to initially log on, then allow it to sync and update the password change.
password change successful
If you are not on campus, you will not be able to change your password without connecting to the VPN first. The icon will be light gray and when clicked upon it will say No work network
incorrect credentials image
Upon connecting to the VPN, Enterprise Connect will then reconnect automatically, re-establishing the connection to the network drives and allowing the password to be changed. 

If you change your password via the password reset page or from another device, Enterprise Connect will automatically prompt you to resync your Mac's password when you are on the campus network.

When you return to the campus network, Enterprise Connect will inform you that the password to your Mac is out of sync.  If you are not on the campus network, continue to use your old NetID password to log in to your Mac until you return to campus.

password enter image

Enter your old password.

passwords in sync image

If successful you will receive a message that your local Mac password now matches your NetID password.
old password enter image

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