RightFax - Quick Start

Quick Start guide to E-fax using RightFax


Fax via email:

  1. Click New Email
  2. In the address line enter your fax number like:
    1. On campus: <Extension>@fax.uwlax.edu 
    2. Local: 7<Faxnumber>@fax.uwlax.edu
    3. Long Distance: 71<area code+Faxnumber>@fax.uwlax.edu
  3. In you subject line your entry will show in Notes: on the cover page
  4. The body of your email will be a second page to the fax
  5. Any attachments will follow.
  6. Click Send

Complete the remainder of the email as usual.  UWL uses a default cover sheet that will automatically attach to the fax, and any attachments will be converted into the fax.  Note this is not without its issues. The attachments should not be large images that you would not regularly fax or documents not designed for an 8.5x11 standard print job.  In addition, images that are faxed are set at 200dpi due to standard fax limitations.

Fax via a multi-function printer:

  1. Choose email option (NOT Fax)
  2. Enter the fax number like:
    1. On campus: <Extension>@fax.uwlax.edu 
    2. Local: 7<Faxnumber>@fax.uwlax.edu
    3. Long Distance: 71<area code+Faxnumber>@fax.uwlax.edu
  3. Click the Go button

Faxing from the RightFax printer – RightFax Util (PC Only)

See RightFax Util - Create a New Fax for more detail.

  1. From the document you are working on click print
  2. Choose the RightFax Printer
  3. Click Print, this will open the RightFax Util – New Fax Information dialog box.
  4. In the Fax Information dialog box, add one fax recipients. REQUIRED: Fill in the Name: field, and Fax Number:  (Note: UWL does not support Email or SMS options)
  5. Enter in the fax number field:
    1. On campus:  Extension only 
    2. Local: 7+<Faxnumber>
    3. Long Distance: 71+<area code+Faxnumber>
  6. Click Send to send the fax

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