1. Collaborate Ultra-How to use as an instructor.
  2. Collaborate Ultra- troubleshooting
  3. Canvas - How do I access Collaborate Ultra recordings and attendee reports?
  4. Collaborate Ultra - How to use as a student.
  5. Collaborate Ultra- How do I create breakout groups?
  6. Collaborate Ultra - How do I share my screen?
  7. Collaborate Ultra- tricks to manage smaller "breakout" groups
  8. Collaborate Ultra- How do students navigate to a breakout group?
  9. Video Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning
  10. CATL-Strategies to promote student-to-student interaction in your online courses
  11. Closed Captioning (CC) Services for Media at UWL
  12. Webcam and Microphone Troubleshooting Tips
  13. Video Conferencing – Lecture Capture and Distribution Options
  14. Using the Document Camera in an Online Course
  15. Continuity of Service - Pandemic/Emergency Preparedness
  16. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Dealing with Disruptive Participants
  17. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Securing Meetings
  18. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Large Event Requests
  19. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Large Events