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The Guide to Faculty Promotion is intended to be a practical resource to the University’s promotion policies and their implementation.
Functional Owner Joint Promotion Committee
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Who this policy applies to:

The guide to Faculty Promotion is intended to be a practical resource to the University's promotion policies and their implementation. 

Policy Detail:

There are four steps involved in preparing an electronic portfolio for review by the JPC involving the candidate, the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Provost’s Office.

The Candidate

The candidate’s role is to create an electronic report for submission to his/her department and Dean using the following guidelines and attending to the instructions and parameters included below.

All materials for promotion will be electronic and entered into the Digital Measures electronic portfolio system. All faculty members will have their activities entered using the fields (categories) specified by the electronic system.

Candidates should load their combined narrative statements for teaching, scholarship, and service (7-page maximum), their teaching, scholarship, and service evidence links, and may provide a CV (regarding work prior to UWL or reflecting past work) under the component entitled "Promotion" under the Digital Measures heading “Personnel Review/Promotions Materials Management.”

CV headings should include the following: Education, Dissertation Title (if applicable), Professional History (work experience), Academic Honors, Fellowships, Grants, Scholarship (Books, Articles, Reviews, Papers, Artistic & Creative Activities), and Professional Activities. Under each heading/subheading, the information should be listed in chronological order, single-spaced, with the most recent year first.

Once the candidate has run the “INDIV: Personnel Report (Faculty/IAS Promotions/ Retention/ Tenure)” report from within Digital Measures and saved it as a Word Document, he/she will need to edit the file as needed. For example, the evidence links for teaching, scholarship, and service should be listed in order of importance or as referenced in the narrative. Candidates can also delete the extraneous information. Once the document has been edited, the candidate should save it as a PDF file for submission. All links should be checked for integrity.

The candidate forwards the file to the department promotion committee. Departmental by-Laws may indicate additional security or distribution methods. When the file has been submitted to the department promotion committee, no further changes to the report or any linked files may be made or else the report will no longer function as intended. If changes are made, the entire report must be recreated. The candidate may make changes to the portfolio only if the department promotion committee recommends changes.

The Department Chair

The department chair’s role is to create an electronic report for submission to the Dean following 5.2.1 above and attending to the instructions below.

The department chair loads

  1. Letter(s) – letter from the department promotion committee (required); department chair letter (optional)
  2. TAIs (which will include the SEI information through Spring 2023)
  3. Student survey on instruction (LENS) information from Fall 2024 and beyond. 
  4. Transmittal and Signature page – see the form in Appendix F
  5. Merit Rating Report – see the form in Appendix F
  6. Departmental by-law segments: Statement on Scholarship and merit procedures

(if already in Digital Measures, need not be re-entered unless the material has been updated).

The department chair runs the report entitled “DEPT: Personnel Supporting Materials” which will result in a report that includes hyperlinks to the uploaded materials cited above. The chair edits as necessary and saves the report in PDF format.

The preferred file naming protocol is lastname.IndivRpt.ASSOC.20XX.MMDD or lastname.IndivRpt.FULL.20XX.MMDD) for the individual report and same for department report except “IndivRpt” replaced with “DeptRpt.” The date should reflect the date submitted to the Dean.

The Dean

The Dean writes a letter (following instructions in 5.3.1) and saves it with the recommended name of lastname.DeanLett.20XX.MMDD.pdf

The Dean’s Office loads the individual report, the department report, and the Dean’s letter utilizing the platform and process indicated by the Provost’s Office. For SOE-affiliated faculty, the SOE Dean also writes a letter (following the instruction in 5.3.1) and loads the letter utilizing the platform indicated by the Provost’s office.

Revision history:
(Updated with revisions approved March 2007, May 2013, April 2016; May 2017, October 2017, May 2018, May 2019, May 2020)
Changes to these guidelines must be approved by Faculty Senate.
Changes to Appendix B must both be reviewed by PTS and approved by Faculty Senate.
Original PDF Document 
Changes made in April of 2023.  Contact the Provost's Office for information regarding the changes. 

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