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Canvas - How do I add users to my course?

The people tab allows you to see what students are enrolled in your course (inactive students have dropped). Students that enroll through WINGS will be automatically enrolled in the Canvas course through the overnight sync process. Similarly, students that drop take an overnight sync to be removed. Instructors are able to add additional users in roles such as teacher, TA, instructional designer, etc., but not the student role.

What user roles are available?

Use this guide to find out what roles are available and what access each role has. 
  • The ability to manually add a user as a student is not available in courses that are created through WINGS. 
  • Do not add enrolled students in any role that would give them access to quiz/assignments answers or other protected student information. 
  • It's best to wait for the sync process to add them to the course in a student role. 
  • If you have further questions, please contact

Adding users to current courses (TA, Teacher, etc.- not student role)

  1. Locate the people tab within the left hand navigation.
  2. On this page you will see a list of users already in the course.
    • This list will show the role the user has in the course.
    • There will also be an indicator if the user is active or inactive (inactive students have dropped the course and cannot be removed from this list). 
  3. In the top right you'll find +People to add users. 
  4. Add their UWL email address. 
  5. Select which role they should have. 
  6. Click Next. 
  7. Confirm they will be added correctly. 
  8. Click Add users. 

The user will get an email invite to the course as well as seeing a course invite on the top of Canvas the next time they log in. 

Adding users to past courses for things like peer collaboration or PRT review

If you are trying to add fellow instructors or peers to a previous semester course and see the +People icon grayed out, follow the below steps to open it up to adding users again. This step will also give students access to the course again. However, once the user has accepted their invite you can change the course dates back to what they were prior to adding the user so students will not have continued access.

Note: If you need to add students to a past course see this Extend Student Access KB


Adjust course end dates

  1. In the course, go to the settings. 
  2. Select the course details tab and scroll down to Participation
  3. Change the drop down selection from Term to Course. Or verify it is on Course
  4. If the end date* is in the past, change that to a future date or remove completely. 
  5. Save.
  6. Go to the people tab and add users through the +People tab (follow directions in adding users to current courses above). 

After the added user has accepted their enrollment, you can revert course end dates so students do not have continued access.

  1. In the course, go to the settings. 
  2. Select the course details tab and scroll down to find the course dates. 
  3. Update the end date back to what it was previously or change the Participation drop down back to Term.  
  4. Save.
*If the Start and End dates are also grayed out, the course is in a read only state for the instructor as well. Contact or for assistance in adjusting the dates. 

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