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Canvas - How do I adjust points on a Classic quiz after students have completed?

The total points a classic quiz is worth equals the questions added up. If you need to adjust a point value on a question or change the entire quiz to 0 for extra credit points, follow the steps below.

1. Edit the quiz

  1. Select the quiz you need to adjust. 
  2. Select Edit
  3. Go to the questions tab
  4. Find the questions you need to change the point value on. 
  5. Edit the question, update the point value, and save
  6. Repeat for additional questions. 
  7. Make sure to save the entire quiz when you are done. 
You will see the points adjusted on the quiz overview page and in Speedgrader, but for the students grades to appear correctly in the gradebook you need to complete the next update scores step. 

In these image examples, the total was changed to 0 to make the quiz extra credit. 

quizoverview.jpg    quizpoints.jpg

2. Update Scores

  1. Open Speedgrader
  2. With quizzes, the total point value in the right side is grayed out. For each student with a submission, you will need to change the point values on each individual question or add Fudge Points.  
    • Extra Credit adjustments: If you adjusted the total points to 0 for extra credit, you can leave the questions and fudge points alone and continue to step 3. 
  3. When the point value has been corrected, Update Scores at the bottom of the page. This will remove the icon in the gradebook and show the quiz new total. 

Tips & Tricks

  • If you notice a question in a quiz is not correct, you can regrade the question for all students that have already taken it. Check out What options can I use to regrade a quiz in a course? for what question types allow this. 

  • Another option for creating extra credit is to create a 0 point, no submission assignment and to add the point values students received in that column. Then change the quiz to a practice quiz to remove it from the gradebook. 

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