Creating & Sharing a Link on how to Pronounce Your Name: For Faculty & Staff

Let students and colleagues hear how to pronounce your name. Add a link of an audio clip of how to pronounce to your UWL profile, email signature and/or Canvas profile. This article outlines a few ways to create and share this link.

Create Your Audio Clip:

Add Your Pronunciation Link:

Create Your Audio Clip

Option 1: Use Kaltura Capture

This software is available to all UWL users. 
  • Open Kaltura Capture. (* Don’t have Kaltura Capture? This article will walk you through how to get it.)
  • Create an audio-only recording: screen off, camera off, audio on. In your recording, speak your first and last names. Speak slowly and articulate both names. Pause between your names.
  • Name your recording accurately (i.e. Pronounce First Last)



  • Change the publishing status to “Unlisted” and hit Save


  • Get the link to share by going to the “Share” tab and selecting “Link to Media Page”


  • COPY this link to your clipboard to use in your UWL Profile or Canvas Profile 

Option 2: Use an online tool 

Create an account with a free online tool such as NameCoach to create your recording. Get the link to the pronunciation page to add to your UWL Profile or Canvas Profile.

Option 3: Use another audio on your computer and save it to the web.

There are other options that might work better for you based on what you have used/have access to on your device. Technologies like QuickTime and Audacity can create audio files; you can upload these files to Kaltura, YouTube, One Drive, etc. to generate a link to the recording. The link is what you need to add to your UWL profile, signature, or Canvas profile. 

Add Your Pronunciation Link

To your UWL Profile and Email Signature

  1. Edit your UWL Profile. 
  2. Add the link in the “Display your name pronunciation?” area. This will display a clickable audio icon by your name.


  3. You can also add it to your email signature

To your Canvas Profile

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Go to your Account > Profile > Edit Profile
  3. Add a link > title/URL (ex. Title: Here is how to pronounce my name. ---> URL: enter the link)  


  4. Save Profile

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