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Canvas - How do I add pronouns to my account?

In Canvas you can elect to add your pronouns to your account. Adding your pronouns is voluntary. Pronouns added in Canvas will not be used to add information to other systems on campus. Review this article to understand where your pronouns will show to other students and instructors in your classes. Then, decide if you would like to add pronouns to your Canvas user.

Why Add Your Pronouns 

While many of us use binary pronouns like he or she, many others may use non-binary pronouns that people outside the LGBTQ+ community are unfamiliar with. Identifying your pronouns helps to bridge the gap and encourage cisgender folx to become better allies to non-binary communities. You cannot be certain of another person's pronouns without outright asking them. Asking instead of assuming pronouns is a basic way to indicate that you acknowledge and respect this person and their identity.  

For more, see the UWL Pride Center FAQ on pronouns

Where to Add Your Pronouns

Open Account > Settings > Edit Settings to select from a dropdown of pronouns. This Canvas feature does not currently allow for fill-in or multiple pronouns.   

Pronoun options are: 

Any PronounsEy/emShe/herXe/xem
Use my nameHe/himShe or theyZe/hir
Ask me privatelyHe or theyThey/themZie/zir

Here is a Canvas Guide for students; here is a Canvas Guide for instructors.

Where Your Pronouns Show

Pronouns will display after your name in many areas throughout Canvas.

For Students

Will my pronouns display on...To other students? To instructor(s)?
the people page? YesYes
discussion posts? Yes
the inbox? YesYes
my profile?YesYes
peer review? YesYes
assignment submission details? NoYes

For Instructors

Will my pronouns display on...To students?
the people page?
discussion posts? 
the inbox?
my profile?

Using Pronouns in the Classroom

Students who are accorded respect by having their designated pronoun used benefit academically from being in a more inclusive environment.  

If a student has their pronouns listed in Canvas, take the time to find and use the pronouns when communicating with that person in or out of class. Selected pronouns can be viewed for all students from the “People” area. If there are no pronouns listed in Canvas, ask for pronouns. Calling students by their name is also a welcoming and inclusive approach.  

To instructors -- For more information about using pronouns in the classroom, see this guide to pronouns as a foundation of inclusive teaching:  

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, The Educator's Playbook: Respecting pronouns in the classroom  


Integrated tools such as Akindi, iClicker, Respondus Lockdown Browser, etc., do not currently support displaying pronouns. Canvas will not sync selected pronouns to other systems on campus. Reports cannot be run from Canvas about usage of pronouns. 

UW System also has a guide on configuring your pronouns in Canvas

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