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Navigate 360: Early Feedback PRO@UWL Notifications

How to complete progress reports during Early Feedback PRO@UWL

We have identified a few groups of students for which early feedback would be beneficial to connect them with resources at an earlier point in the semester During the 4th week of the spring semester, all instructors will be asked to provide feedback for any students enrolled in any of their classes who are on Academic Warning or Academic Suspension during the current semester. The options to provide feedback during this week will vary slightly from our standard PRO@UWL progress report window in weeks 5 and 6 of the semester (Navigate 360: PRO@UWL Notifications)

1) On the first day of the PRO@UWL campaign, you will receive an email to your UWL email address. In this message, look for the link "Click to begin entering student feedback."
Example email link

2) The link will bring you to a page with your course roster. Here you will be able to enter any feedback for your students. You will not see ALL of your current students on this list, only those students that we are requesting feedback about at this time.

Progress Report Form Example

If you wish to enter feedback for students who are NOT present on this roster:

  1. If you are teaching a Gateway+ course (Navigate 360: PRO Gateway+ Courses) please wait and complete the feedback form during PRO@UWL during week 6 (Navigate 360: PRO@UWL Notifications)

  2. If you are not teaching a Gateway+ course, please complete an ad hoc progress report (Navigate 360: Submitting ad hoc progress reports)

3) As you go through your list, identify ONLY the students that you have feedback for. Under "Do you have feedback for this student?" select the YES radio button. Skip past any students that you do not have feedback for (there is a button at the end that will mark those students automatically as "No feedback"). Then, select from the notification reasons from the drop down menu.  You may choose more than one. 

Select notification reason menu example

If you have no feedback for any of the students in your course, we still request that you complete your progress reports. Simply scroll to the bottom of the list and click the "Submit unmarked students as no feedback (I'm all done)" button. 

Notification reasons include:

  • Tutoring may help you to be successful this semester

  • Keep up the great work! (This is a positive alert letting the student know that you have noticed their hardwork so far this semester)

  • I would like to see you in class more often.

4) Entering a comment with more information about the reason for the notification will be helpful for the student and will allow the staff following up with notifications to more efficiently assist the student.

Example Comment Guide

Students have direct access to view all notifications and comments issued as part of PRO@UWL. Please provide comments related to your observations about the student's performance in their classes; personal details including health information, should not be included. Please see examples below.

5) After you have entered notifications for all students that you have concerns about in your course, scroll to the bottom of the class list. 

Submit only students with feedback

This button will submit students you have entered feedback for as being complete (removing them from your feedback roster). However, the students you have not given feedback for will remain on your list.

You can then re-use the link in the progress report email at any time to continue leaving feedback for the rest of the students in your classes.

If you have finished leaving student feedback, use this button to automatically report the remaining students on your list "No feedback". This will complete your progress report.

I am done button

Selecting that you have feedback regarding a student's academic progress and selecting a notification reason will trigger a notification to be created within Navigate 360. Students will automatically receive an email for academically related feedback, helping them to identify support resources and get the assistance they need. Additionally, the Navigate 360 team will work to monitor alerts and connect students to support services as well (Navigate: What happens after progress reports are entered)

You can view student alerts under the History tab on a student's profile page (Navigate: Student Profile)

For this progress report specifically, students who receive a "Keep up the good work" feedback reason will be sent this email, and no further outreach will occur from student support staff.

Student Name, your instructor Instructor Name wants to recognize the great work you have been doing this semester in Course Name.

Keep it up! 

If you would like to see the feedback you’ve been given:

  • Click the My Docs icon from your Navigate 360 Student App, then select "Progress Reports"
  • Visit, and log in with your UWL credentials. Click My Docs from the left-hand toolbar, and then select "Progress Reports"

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