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HR policy - Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Promotion Committee Rules and Procedures

The IAS Promotion Committee via the IAS Liaison shall publicize the procedures that it employs annually in the Campus Connection prior to the submission deadline for promotion files.
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Who this policy applies to:
Instructional Academic Staff (IAS).

The Guide to Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Promotion is intended to be a practical resource to the University’s promotion policies and their implementation.

Policy Detail:

The Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Committee (IAS-PC) (Revised 2019) 

Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include reviewing promotion files subject to the following rules of operation: 

1. The committee members shall use the general performance and achievement criteria that are described in the “Guide to Instructional Academic Staff Promotion” (the most current version of which is posted on the Human Resources website In addition to teaching, the criteria include service and/or professional development, and/or creative activity, and/or scholarship. The committee shall ensure that guidelines for the submission of departmental criteria and other data supporting a candidate for promotion are up to date and available on all relevant websites. Guidelines for the academic year's promotion materials must be in place by the first Friday of September. Following the establishment of rules and procedures and prior to submission of candidate applications, the IAS Liaison shall hold a meeting for eligible candidates to describe the promotion process. This meeting shall be publicized via email and in the UWL Events Calendar. The members shall give fair and full consideration to all relevant materials that are presented on the candidate's behalf. A written unpublished record of the deliberations shall be maintained by the IAS Liaison. The unpublished records shall be destroyed at termination of the committee year or after resolution of all appeals.
2. Within seven calendar days of receiving the written reasons for a negative decision, the candidate may appeal the committee recommendation by writing to the Instructional Academic Staff Promotion Committee Chair. An appeal review shall take place within 14 calendar days of receipt of the appeal. The IAS member shall be given at least seven calendar days notice of such review. The burden of proof in such an appeal shall be on the IAS member. The scope of the review shall be limited to the question of whether the decision was based in any significant degree upon one or more of the following factors, with material prejudice to the individual: 
a. Conduct, expressions, or beliefs that are constitutionally protected, or protected by the principles of academic freedom, or 
b. Factors proscribed by applicable state or federal law regarding fair employment practices, or 
c. Improper consideration of qualifications for promotion. For purposes of this section, "improper consideration" shall be deemed to have been given to the qualifications of an IAS member in question if material prejudice resulted because of any of the following: 
i. The procedures required by rules of the faculty or board were not followed, or 
ii. Available data bearing materially on the quality of performance were not considered, or 
iii. Unfounded, arbitrary or irrelevant assumptions of fact were made about work or conduct. Written notice of the results of the appeal shall be transmitted to the candidate and appropriate department chair within seven days of the committee decision. 

3. The committee chair or the IAS Liaison shall provide the Provost a list of those recommended and not recommended for promotion, and the results of any appeals. Separate lists shall be provided for each series title. Membership of the committee shall consist of one non-voting ex officio member (the IAS Liaison to the Provost) and seven voting members of the faculty selected by the Faculty Senate. Membership shall be representative of the colleges/divisions and include at least one representative from each college/unit. These members shall be IAS at the teaching professor or Clinical Associate Professor level or tenured ranked faculty at the Associate Professor level (or higher), with no more than two seats held by ranked Faculty. The academic deans, or their designees, shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee.

Revision history:
Revised in June 2022 to change "Lecturer" title series to "Teaching Professor" series.  Grammatical changes were made as well. Omitted previously unfollowed rule regarding communication of decision to candidate. 
Last revision (2019)
Last reviewed was July 2020

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