Navigate: Staff Home Overview

An overview of the information available in the Staff Home page of Navigate.

The Staff Home page is where most users arrive when opening Navigate.  It allows you to view key tools that enable you to take action on student success-related tasks. 

Make sure that Staff Home is selected. If you are also a UWL Instructor, you will be able to switch to your Professor Home here as well.


Main Menus

Along the top of each screen in Navigate you will always find the same features.


apptqueue.PNGIf you are part of an office that uses a check-in process, you will be notified here of students who have checked in for their appointments
messages.PNGIf you have any new messages from a student, you will be notified here
minimizeddialogue.PNGIf you have minimized an Appointment Summary Report Window, you can access minimized windows here

The Quick Search bar can be used to find students by their name, email address, or ID number.
Users can change the semester of data to display.


EAB Resources and Help articles can be found in this menu.

Logout.PNG Use this button (it will be your initials or a photo) to log out of Navigate.

Some of the information you are able to see in Navigate is based on your role within the platform. So, you may not have all of the tabs/menus listed below.  Navigate gives users easy access to a lot of valuable information.

Students Tab

Students assigned to you as their advisor will appear here.


From this grid, you can take many different actions on these students, depending on your user permissions. These actions could include sending messages, creating appointment summary reports, scheduling appointments, adding a student to a student list, issuing alerts, adding notes, or exporting a list of included students.


Upcoming Appointments

Upcoming Appointments tab. This page lists your upcoming appointments for the next 30 days, as well as your recent appointments and any appointment summary reports you have filed about those students.(Navigate: Creating appointment summary reports



My Availability

If you wish to schedule appointments in Navigate, you must set your availability. For more information, refer to Navigate: Setting up availability.

Appointment Queues

The Appointment Queue stab shows a list of students checked in for their appointments (including virtual check-ins), students in your queue, and students in other queues.


The Actions menu is found on the right-hand side of the home page. The actions that appear as options depend on your role and the features your institution has activated in Navigate. The default action is to Issue an Alert.  From this link, you are able to issue an ad hoc student alert. (Navigate: Issuing an adhoc alert)


Quick Links is a section on the right-hand side of your Home page that provides easy access to different features within the platform, such as scheduling, recording attendance, or tracking appointment campaigns (Navigate: Creating a campaign). Clicking on a quick link will direct you to different locations in the Navigate platform. The links that display are specific to your role at your institution and may not exactly mirror those shown in the screenshot below.


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