Navigate: Creating an appointment campaign

How to create an appointment campaign to reach out to students in Navigate.

Appointment Campaigns are an important feature that allows staff members to reach out to specific populations of students to encourage them to schedule appointments.  

In order for your students to be able to create an appointment with you through a campaign, you must first make sure that your Outlook calendar is synced with Navigate (Navigate: Calendar Sync) and that you have set your availability within Navigate to include campaigns (Navigate: Setting up availability).

1. To start, click the Appointment Campaigns Link from your the left hand toolbar.

Campaigns Icon Menu Bar

2. From the Campaigns Menu, under Appointment Campaigns, select "Add New".

Campaign Main Menu

3. Define your campaign

Campaign Configurations

Campaign Configurations Menu

  • Select the campaign name.

Campaign Name is visible to the person creating the campaign and any other users who have access to view campaigns, but not visible to the student.  Please use the following format for naming your campaigns; Your Name Current Semester Purpose.

For example:

      • Jamie Schweiger Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Advising (Students with 30+ credits)

      • Mic Nauman Fall 2021 Students on Academic Probation

  • Select your Care Unit

This will be Advising, Financial Aid, or Tutoring

  • Choose your location

This will be either your department's office or "My Faculty's Office"

  • Which services would you like to meet with students about during this campaign? The available options will be predetermined by your Care Unit and Location in Navigate.

Appointment Configurations

Appointment Configurations Menu\

  • Select the appointment limit.

    How many appointments should an individual student be able to make as part of the campaign?

  • Select the appointment length for each appointment.

    This is the only way you can override the default 30 minute appointment time in Navigate.

  • Select the slots per time.

How many students should be able to book an appointment at the same time?

  • If you wish to allow students to schedule over their course times, check the "Allow scheduling over courses" box.

  • Do you wish for the staff member and/or student to automatically receive reminders?

  • Select the scheduling window.

What are the first and last dates that you would like to allow students to schedule an appointment for this campaign?

Click Continue
Continue Button

4. Add Students to your Campaign

You can use various searches to narrow down students to add to your campaign. First, under Enrollment History select the current term. If you are just looking to add all of your assigned students to the campaign, select the "My Students Only" box at the bottom of the page. When you have selected various search criteria, click the Search button.

Adding students to your campaign menu

The next page will display students that meet the search criteria you selected. Select the box next to each student's name you wish to add to the campaign, or check the top box to select all.

Students List from Search

*If your search has resulted in more than 100 students, and you wish to add them all to your campaign, watch for the message at the top of the student list that will allow you to select all:
Select All Option

Click Continue
Continue Button

Review the list of students for accuracy on the next page.
Review list of students

If you find students that you wish to remove, click the box next to their name, and then under the Actions menu, select "Remove from campaign."
Remove a student from campaign

If you wish to add additional students, click "Add more recipients" at the bottom of the page, and return to search for more students.
Add more recipients

Click Continue
Continue Button

Add organizers to your campaign. This is most likely, yourself, but could also be other advisors in your department.
Select staff menu

Click Continue
Continue Button

5. Compose Nudges (messages) that your students will receive.

First, you must add a Welcome Message, this is the message students will receive as the initial request to schedule an appointment. There will be pre-populated text in the message, but you are able to change the messaging including the subject line of the email. 

As you make changes, you will see a preview of your message on the right side of the page.Add a Nudge Compose Message

You have the option to use Merge Tags which will pull in the student's name and/or schedule into your messaging. You can also include attachments.Merge Tags Menu and Add Attachments

Select the date you want this message to be sent.
Send Date Menu

Click Save Nudge
Save Nudge Button

You have the option to add more than one nudge to your campaign. For example, you may want to send an initial request for an appointment, and then one week later send a reminder to those students who have not yet scheduled an appointment. Navigate will NOT send the reminders to those students who have already scheduled an appointment.

For your follow-up Nudges, you can elect to send them via email or Text Message. Please only use text message towards the end of your campaign, to catch those students who have not responded to the previous messaging.

The process to create further email nudges is the same as composing your welcome message. To send a text message nudge, select SMS as your nudge type:
Select Nudge Type Menu

The menu will change to allow you to set up a text message.

You are limited to 160 characters, as you type your message in the Compose SMS text box, the message will show a preview on the right side. You can include a link for the student to schedule their appointment, but it is not required.
Compose SMS Nudge

Select the date that you wish to send the nudge.
Send date menu

Click Save Nudge
Save Nudge

5. Compose a Success Message (Optional)

You may wish to send a final message to a student after they have scheduled an appointment. If so, click "Add success message."Add a success message

Just like in the nudge, you can make any changes to the message, and see a preview message on the right side of the page.Compose Success Message

Click Save Success Message
Save Success Message

Confirm that you have composed all of the messages you wish to. Click Continue.
Continue Button

Verify that all of your campaign information is correct. Verify information

When you are satisfied with the settings of your campaign, you can send it out to your students. Click "Start Campaign."

Start Campaign Button

You are able to make changes to your campaign even after it has been sent: Navigate: Edit an appointment campaign. You can check the progress of your campaign: Navigate: Monitor an appointment campaign

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