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Navigate 360: Saving a report in V3

How to utilize the Saved Report function in Navigate 360 to use again in the future.

Often, you will have reports that need to be ran regularly. In this case, it can be helpful to save your report criteria so you don't have to remember the specific filters or logic you have used each time.

Create a New saved report

After running your initial report, above where you have selected your filters, look for the "Save As" link.
Save As Link

A new dialogue box will open, name the saved report something that will allow you to identify it again in the future. Then click "Save as New Report."

The title will now appear at the top of the report:
New Saved Report Example

Locating a previously saved report

Select the Reports Icon Reports Icon

Navigate 360 will initially show your "My Saved Reports" tab first on the page. Click the title of the report you wish to run.
My Saved Reports

You will be brought to the screen where you can view the data and logic filters that were saved previously. If there are any changes you need to make, you can make those changes at this time. If your filters are all set correctly, click "Run Report".
Run Report Button

You can then take any of the same actions on your report data as shown here: Navigate 360: Utilizing V3 Reports from the Actions Menu, Navigate 360: Utilizing V3 Reports from the Results Menu, Navigate 360: Sharing report filters and logic with another user

If you would like to edit any filters and re-save the report, click the "Save As" link and a new dialogue box will open.
Save New Reports Menu

You can then either change the name and "Save as a New Report" or "Update Report" with the same name, but new filters selected.
Save as new or update menu

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