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Trouble Logging In? General Troubleshooting

General troubleshooting steps for getting back into your UWL accounts.

1. Reset your password through the "Expired or Forgotten" option on the password reset page.

Frequently, issues logging into your account may be resolved by simply recovering your password. The "forgotten or expired" option on the password reset page under "Password Management" allows you to change your password without having to log in. Please avoid using any auto-form filled, saved passwords, and that you correctly write down your password before attempting to log back in.

2. Clear your web browser's cache, cookies and browsing history.

Your internet browser may store information that may impede your ability to log-in. You may also find it beneficial to attempt to log-in with a different internet browser or through an incognito / private window.

3. Try using a private or an incognito window.

This gives you a fresh browser to work with and prevents browsing history, cache and cookies from being stored. 

4. Determine if you are experiencing a general lockout or an Okta lockout on your account

Your may be experiencing a general account lockout due to too many incorrect password attempts when trying to access your accounts like WINGS, Canvas, email, or even trying to access the UWL-Eagle WiFi. Thus, you will be unable to log into anything UWL-related, including accessing the UWL-Eagle WiFi or logging into UWL campus computers. If you are experiencing a general lockout of all of your UWL accounts, then please try our Account Locked feature on the password reset page or unlock your account by recovering your password with the "Expired or Forgotten" option instead.

However, a Okta lockout is a separate lockout that prevents you from logging into your UWL accounts that uses Okta like WINGS, Canvas or email due to "excessive authentication failures." If you are experiencing an Okta lockout instead, then you will have to contact the Eagle Help Desk directly in order to have it manually unlocked. 

5. Contact the Eagle Help Desk.

For further assistance, you may reach us by phone, email, chat or by our ticketing system and we will get back to you within our weekly business hours.

In an effort to quickly resolve your issue, please provide as much information as possible; listing any necessary information and troubleshooting steps that have already been taken.

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