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121Canvas - How do I create multiple step Formula questions in Classic Quizzes?992372021-06-2413555
122CATL - Recording a live group presentation.1015572021-06-102890
123Canvas - How do I join a Zoom meeting?1084882021-06-082853
124Canvas - How do I add a Zoom office hour link to multiple courses?1110372021-06-083316
125Canvas - How do I view my courses?984892021-06-0711016
126How to import University of Wisconsin La Crosse Spring 2020 Course Feedback survey from Commons?1016292020-05-01714
127Canvas (Accessibility) - Using the UDOIT Cloud Accessibility Tool1062642024-04-1118803
128Kaltura - How Do I Upload a Video through My Media to a Canvas Assignment?912272024-02-2613942
129Kaltura - Adding an Interactive Video Quiz as an Assignment911222024-02-2615911
130Canvas - Users with Multiple Accounts976402024-02-2615853
131Canvas - Course Home Page and Announcements937722024-02-2611062
132Kaltura - Inserting Videos in Canvas910562023-10-3023034
133Canvas (PeopleSoft) - SIS ID Explained974882023-10-266421
134Canvas - Course Navigation Menu937592023-10-2514668
135Kaltura Capture - Changing User Account1089922022-11-227562
136Canvas (Grades) - Revealing Hidden Grade Items932322022-11-0122146
137Kaltura (Canvas) - Uploading Videos909302021-11-1530733
138Canvas (Discussions) - As a student, how do I embed files in a Canvas discussion?980272021-10-2773366
139Canvas - Total Grade Calculation with Missing Assignments914832021-10-2729411
140Canvas - Setting Up a New Course937942021-10-274707
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