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101Canvas - How do I use the Teacher App?987112022-02-021900
102Canvas - How do I moderate quizzes or extend deadlines for individual students?988202022-01-317473
103CATL - Strategies to promote student-to-student interaction in your online courses1022052022-01-032410
104Canvas - How do I use GoReact?1119602022-01-031409
105Canvas - How do I include equations in quizzes?992392021-12-095223
106Canvas - How do I create multiple step Formula questions in New Quizzes?992382021-12-095532
107Canvas - How do I copy from one Canvas course to another?987202021-12-095014
108Canvas - How do I use item banks in New quizzes?986312021-12-078630
109Canvas - How do I use question banks in classic quizzes?986282021-12-073622
110Canvas - How do Students Take an Akindi Online Assessment?1145072021-10-271051
111Canvas - How do I scan completed Akindi Bubble Sheets and Send Grades to Canvas?1145012021-10-271780
112Canvas - How do I View Akindi Assessment Results?1145052021-10-271615
113Canvas - How do I Set Up an Akindi Online Assessment?1007922021-10-273382
114Using the Document Camera in an Online Course1055022021-10-064082
115Canvas - How do I create a Zoom room for a group presentation and submit it to Canvas?1100222021-09-302244
116Canvas - How do I view Zoom cloud recordings and attendance?1136482021-09-131391
117Canvas - How do I get a list of student emails and person ID's?1088762021-09-032216
118Canvas - How do I duplicate classic quizzes in a Canvas course or create a question bank from an already created quiz?1082602021-08-114723
119Canvas – How do I use TED-Ed?1098632021-06-283692
120Canvas - How do I use Piazza?1091072021-06-282510
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