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41Canvas - How can students annotate an assignment in Canvas?1091242023-07-0618150
42Canvas - How do I submit to an assignment?1059882023-07-055177
43Canvas - How do I use Classic quizzes?986222023-07-057607
44Canvas - How do I use New quizzes?986242023-07-054302
45Canvas - How do I see where students receive feedback?987222023-07-055066
46Canvas - How do I use peer review as a student?987182023-07-0510485
47Canvas - How do I use Pearson MyLab & Mastering?1182012023-06-291081
48Canvas - File Storage Limits1145922023-06-291498
49Canvas - How do I add pronouns to my account?1098542023-06-292240
50Canvas - How do I see student activity and participation in a course?1096232023-06-291841
51Canvas - How do students view rubrics?1095932023-06-296186
52Canvas - How do I view Modules (course homepage)?1095912023-06-294167
53Canvas - How do students use the calendar?1095902023-06-294106
54Canvas - How do students view grades?1095882023-06-294305
55Canvas - How do I use Vimeo?1095852023-06-295731
56Canvas - How do I create a sandbox course?1083552023-06-297924
57Canvas - How do I add images to quizzes?1068302023-06-296895
58Canvas - How do students use the inbox?1060462023-06-297585
59Canvas - How do students use discussions?1060442023-06-294848
60Canvas - How students take a quiz?1060432023-06-294708
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