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Navigate 360: Student Profile

How to find information about a student in their student profile in Navigate 360.

Each current student at UW-La Crosse has a Student Profile Page. 

Access to information and features on the Student Profile vary by role and permission level. so the images below may look somewhat different than what you view on your screen. You can find a student profile in a few ways:

1) Locating their name on your Staff Home Screen list of assigned advisees (Navigate 360: Staff Home Overview)

2) Locating their name on your Faculty Home Screen list of students in your courses (Navigate 360: Professor Home).

3) Using the Quick Search tool bar at the top of the Navigate 360 screen on any page

Quick Search Toolbar

Student Profile Example


At the top, you can view the student's profile picture.
Profile Photo Example

If a student has any current notifications and/or progress reports, depending on your role permissions, you will be able to see that here. To see the associated report, click the link to view.
Depending on your role permissions, you can take several actions from the Options menu including: messaging the student (Navigate 360: Sending Text MessagesNavigate 360: Sending emails), create an ad hoc Appointment Summary Report (Navigate 360: Creating appointment summary reports), scheduling an appointment for the student (Navigate 360: Scheduling a student appointment from a student profile), or adding the student to a list (Navigate 360: Using Student Lists)

Options Menu

If a student has any current notifications and/or progress reports, depending on your role permissions, you will be able to see that here. To see the associated report, click the link to view.
Notifications Menu

If the student is part of any active appointment campaigns, you will be able to see that here.
Active Campaigns Example

You are able to see a student's ID, email, and cell phone number, unless a cell phone number is not linked to the student's account.
Contact Information

The final box on this side menu has information about the student's current success team including advisors and instructors. This will be updated each semester.
Success Team Example



The gray box here, known as the 30-Second Overview, gives you a basic understanding on the student's academic performance to date. Further information is available about each data point on other student profile tabs.
30 Second Snapshot
The Student Overview will provide you with the student's Major, and major change history. Additionally, both the Student ID and Alternate ID, Classification, Academic Standing, and semester of most recent enrollment.
Student Overview Information

Students also have categories and tags applied to them within Navigate 360. Categories (Navigate 360: Student Categories)are pulled into Navigate from WINGS, while Tags(Navigate 360: Student Tags) are placed onto student accounts via the Navigate Lead.

Categories and Tags Profile Example


Some information on this tab may not be available for you to view depending on your role.

Support Priority

The Student Success Predictive Model (SSPM) uses UWL's historical data to make informed predictions around current students' likelihood to persist to the next term. The SSPM assigns a ‘success score’ (a numerical value between 0.0 and 1.0) to each student indicating their likelihood to persist, given their unique characteristics and how similar students performed in the past. Once given this score, students are sorted into three buckets: high support priority, moderate support priority, and low support priority levels. As students progress through his/her academic career, different factors will contribute more heavily to their success at different points in time. The Predicted Influencers table on the Success Progress tab shows the positive, negative, and neutral influencers reported by the SSPM for the student. This is not an exhaustive list of all influencers in the model, but includes the most representative in each category.
Predicted Influencers Example

GPA Trends by Term
This provides a visualization of the student's GPA over time, including Term GPA, Cumulative GPA, and overall GPA.
GAP Trends by Term Example

Credit Trends by Term
This provides a visualization of the student's credit accumulation over time, including Total Credits Earned, Credits Earned each Term, and Credits Attempted each term.
Credit Trends by Term Example

Finally, both GPA and Credit trends are displayed in a tabular format at the bottom of the tab.
Credits and GPA Tabular


The History section of the student profile collects recorded interactions and activities for that student, this includes appointment summary reports, notifications, progress reports, and check-ins at certain events or tutoring. The information is presented in reverse chronological order. You will only be able to view activity within Care Units for which you have the appropriate permissions.
Student History Example

Courses TAB

This tab contains detailed historical and current course information for the student.


This is a list of the student's currently enrolled courses, the associated professor(s) and meeting times/locations. Depending on permissions, staff and faculty can take Actions within this section such as contacting the student's instructor, submitting a progress report for a specific course. If a student has withdrawn from a course, it stays in the "Classes This Term" table and is not called out specifically. The official withdrawal record usually shows in the Term Details below with W in the grade field.
Courses Example

Term Details

This section shows an unofficial transcript for the student, listing the student's past coursework in reverse chronological order. A summary of the student's performance for each semester including credits completed, GPA, and academic standing appears to the right under "Term at a glance." Any transfer coursework will also show in the Term Details section. This includes high school or pre-college credits. Placement test scores and ACT or SAT scores are also present.
Example Term Details.


Under the more tab, you can access other menus depending upon your role in Navigate 360.
More Menu


You can view a calendar view of the student's courses and appointments scheduled through Navigate 360.
Calendar Example


You can view a record of the student's upcoming, recent, or no show appointments. Users with certain permissions can also view details of the appointments.The appointment list can be filtered by Care Unit.

Appointments Tab Example


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