Faculty & Staff Technology Guide (2022-2023)

A technology overview for UWL faculty and staff.


Your NetID

Your NetID is an important part of your technology profile. It is your unique username allowing you to log into UWL technology services The format for faculty/staff is first initial and last name. For example: jdoe. 

  • For more information about your NetID, check out https://www.uwlax.edu/its/knowledge-base/netidemail/.  
  • *Note: Faculty & staff accounts are disabled or they lose access on the day that contracts end through Human Resources or on the day that employees separate from UWL.  

Your Employee ID Number

Your employee ID number is a an 8 digit number (usually starting with 0s) that is only associated to you and it shows that you are a part of UWL. This number should have been originally given to you by Human Resources and can also be retrieved from Human Resources if you have miss-placed or have forgotten it overall. Your employee ID number is not the same as your NetID and it is used for a various of reasons, especially when needing to use the password reset page in order to activate your NetID for the first time, to recover your "Expired or Forgotten" password or to be able to use the "one-time" passcode code option for Duo as a back-up (see "Account and Password Management" below to learn more about the password reset utility page and what it has to offer).

  • *Notes:
    • However, please keep in mind that not every employee hired by UWL has an employee ID number associated to them and Human Resources should have been the one to tell you that in the first place. Thus, in order recover any expired or forgotten password(s), then they will need to contact the Eagle Help Desk directly at 608-785-8774 in order for further assistance with the password reset recovery process.  
    • If you need assistance with a physical staff ID card, then please reach out to the Card Office instead. Information about physical staff ID cards can be found here too: https://www.uwlax.edu/university-centers/staff-id-cards/

Account and Password Management

ITS provides a convenient self-service password and account reset page. This tool helps faculty and staff gain first-time access, the ability to reset passwords, to unlock your account and manage your Duo devices 24x7 available at: https://www.uwlax.edu/info/password-reset/. Click on First Time Access if you have never used your NetID, click on Password Management if you need to recover or reset your password. Click on Account Locked if you are experiencing an account lockout. Click on Duo Device if needing to manage your Duo account and devices or send yourself a one-time passcode.  


Duo duo Logo

Duo is our 2-step authentication method needed when logging into UWL accounts, like Canvas, WINGS and email. This authentication method requires a second device, like using the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone, which is our most recommended and most common choice of Duo device. When logging in, you will need your username and password along with the numerical code that a Duo device generates. These codes change after a short time interval and can only be obtained from a Duo activated device which is assigned to your account. This makes your account more secure against online attacks and phishing because if your password becomes compromised, only you have access to the Duo device for your account.

Office365 logoMicrosoft Office 365 

Microsoft Office is available for all UWL faculty/staff. In addition, faculty/staff are eligible to download Office 365 desktop or mobile apps at no cost for up to 5 personal devices. To gain access to Office 365, just go http://office365.uwlax.edu/ or go to the UWL home page at https://www.uwlax.edu/ and click the "Email" icon located at the top corner of the page. Once you log in to your Office 365 account, to install Office 365 for your desktop, click on the button that says Install Office [located in the upper right]. 

Zoom IconZoom

UWL provides faculty and staff a Zoom account that they can use to host and join Zoom meetings with and information about how to sign into your UWL Zoom account can be found here: Zoom - How do I sign in?

Canvas logoCanvas

Canvas is our learning management system (LMS), and is the central hub for online course materials for face-to-face as well as entirely online classes. You can find Canvas resources and your login page at: https://www.uwlax.edu/canvas.
  • Call Canvas Support first for any Canvas related issues at 1(833)-826-8719 or for more information about Canvas Support, check out this KB article: Canvas - How do I get help with Canvas? 
  • CATL is the department that supports Canvas. 

Wings eagle logoWINGS

WINGS is the name for UWL's Student Information System (SIS). This software provides students, faculty, and staff with access to information relating to recruiting and admissions, records and registration, financial aid, student financials, and enhanced self-service capabilities. 

UWL Mobile

This site provides a wealth of information on the campus. You can view your courses, e-mail, connect via social media, see maps, and utilize a host of other resources. It can be viewed from your computer or any mobile device. Give it a try at: https://wings.uwlax.edu/mobile

UW-Lax mobile tiles image

Virtual Desktop (WVD - Windows Virtual Desktop)

This service allows campus faculty, staff, and students to use their Windows, Macintosh, Apple iOS, or Android devices to connect 24x7 to a Windows desktop and software like those in the ITS computer classrooms and labs. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network)Cisco AnyConnect VPN Logo

UWL's VPN service allows any UWL associate to connect to campus remotely from any available network connection almost anywhere in the world: including from home, from many hotels, and even from within some company networks. 

folder imageOnline File Storage

Faculty and staff have existing file storage through OneDrive (1 TB), Google Drive (30GB), and our UWL network storage or the U: Drive (15GB). Online files can be accessed using your NetID from campus computers, from home, and as read-only files online. 

Antivirus & Malware Software Cisco AMP Logo

ITS encourages safe, virus free, computing. Without antivirus software your computer can become severely infected. All faculty/staff computers have Cisco AMP installed automatically. 

Wifi logoWireless Access UWL Eagle Wifi image

Wireless is available throughout campus. UWL-Eagle is a secure wireless network which requires you to enter your NetID and password. This should be your default wireless network for full access for UWL faculty and staff. 

Google gSuite IconAccess to Other Productivity Tools

UWL may utilizes Office 365 campus-wide, but faculty and staff also have access to Google Drive, Sheets, Sites, etc. You may access all of these tools through the Quicklinks under "Faculty & staff" at the UWL homepage at https://www.uwlax.edu/ or sign into your UWL Google account by using your UWL email address and current password at https://accounts.google.com.

Video Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning Video Conference Icon

There are a variety of video technology tools for teaching and learning available to faculty and staff. For more detailed information of what is available at UWL, then please check out the KB article: Video Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning.

Classroom Directory Classroom icon

The classroom directory is a searchable resource that identifies classrooms by filterable criteria. Information in the details on the classrooms includes but is not limited to the following: seating capacity, room type, display technology, room photos interactive 360 room photo. 

Available Software for UWL-Owned Computers 

Software is available to download on UWL-owned computers, like Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud and SPSS, either via the Software Center if using a UWL-owned PC or via Self Service if using a UWL-owned Mac.
software center Windows app location imageSoftware Center (UWL-PC)Self Service logoSelf Service (UWL-Mac)

 Shopping cart logo

Computer Technology Purchases

For recommendations and purchasing information for University-owned computers go to https://www.uwlax.edu/its/technology-purchases/purchasing/#tab-uwl-departments. Special pricing for personal computers for UWL staff and students through Dell and Apple is also available.

Software Purchases

Software, including software licenses and maintenance, can be purchased through ShopUW+. Please use the Non-Catalog Item Add in ShopUW+ as well. 

  • For more information about ShopUW+ or purchasing in general, then please contact the Purchasing Office.

Cyber Security Responsibilities & Policies 

ITS wants to remind UWL faculty and staff about existing cyber security policies. It is important to be aware each UW-La Crosse employee is required to report the following incidents and situations:

  • All lost or stolen university-owned computers, mobile assets, storage devices.
  • Lost or stolen personally-owned computers, mobile assets, or storage devices which contain UW System-owned data and information.
  • Any identified physical intrusion of secure campus areas.
  • Discovery of malware, viruses, ransomware, or unauthorized access to data and information resources.
  • Inappropriately shared, exposed, or lost data.

If you have observed any of the above incidents, be sure to call or email the Eagle Help Desk at 608-785-8774 or helpdesk@uwlax.edu. Stolen equipment should be immediately reported to the UW-La Crosse University Police Department. You may also submit a ticket.

  • Phishing Information

    Sometimes you may receive "phishy" or spam-like emails sent to your UWL email account. Thus, we encourage UWL faculty and staff to be on the lookout for potential phishing attacks and emails. 

KnowledgeBase (KB)

Our online knowledge base is available 24/7 for your technology troubleshooting needs. Check at the KB at  https://kb.uwlax.edu/.

UW-Lax KB banner image

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